how old were you when you got your 1st bbag

  1. Hey i was just wondering when everyone got their first bbag and what you think is an appropriate age to get one

    i personally think when you get into handbags and can afford one go for it haha
  2. I was 25 when I got my VERY FIRST b-bag... I don't really think there is an appropriate age... if you LOVE it then totally get it :o)
  3. I was also 25.

    There's no "right age" for everyone. It depends on the person and their individual circumstances.

    Hopefully, it's at an age where the person can truly appreciate the gorgeous bags!
  4. I had no idea about designer bags prior to November 2006, bought my first last May - I was 28
  5. hmmm i was 20ish
  6. I was 21
  7. i was 18, and i bought it myself. i was so proud!
  8. I bought two used ones for really good deals when I was 20 in 2006.
  9. First Bbag, 30, first designer handbag, 22
  10. I was 20. It was the first designer bag I bought with my own money :smile:
  11. 30, a little late but i seem to have more than made up for it in the last 6 months!!
  12. I was 25.
  13. I was 25 also!
  14. 27
  15. 24 and got an 04 black first