How old were you when you got pregnant with your first?

  1. I am 33. Not blessed with kids. Yet.
    All my friends have two or three kids already.
    How old were you when you had your first?
  2. 23
  3. 26 when I got pregnant, 27 when I had dd.
  4. I think I was 21 or 22. Gosh, I can't remember. We'd been married 1.5 years, that is all I remember!
  5. 26
  6. I was 27 when I had my 1st baby, now I'm pregnant with my 2nd and I'll be 30 when I give birth;). I hope you'll be blessed with a baby soon. :flowers:
  7. I was 28 when i got pregnant, will be 29 when i have my baby son.
  8. 21 :smile:
  9. 38 when pregnant and delivered
  10. 27 in a few months and no kids or pregnancies yet... hoping to be fairly soon
  11. Got pregnant on my birthday and delivered 40 weeks later at the age of 33.
  12. Hi - we're right in the same range. I was 35 when I got preggers, just turned 36 about a week ago, delivering in July. My best friend who is also pregnant is 34, will deliver shortly before she turns 35. Two other close friends were 34-35 when they got pregnant. I actually have very few friends who had kids before they were in their mid-30s.
  13. Got pregnant at 27. Turning 28 in a few weeks, so I will be 28 when I give birth in August.
  14. 36 when i had the twins.
  15. I just looked at my previous post, and I was apparently thinking too much about my maternity leave when I wrote it. I'm due in March, not July. Will be on maternity leave through March. But anyway, point is the same -- I have loads of friends 34-40s when they had their first.