How Old Were You when You First Started Dating ?

  1. How old were you when you first started dating without a chaperone ?

    I was sixteen, Paul Harding * sigh* :heart:
  2. I believe that I was 13, but I was sneaking out of course (aka telling my mom I was out with friends)

    Does that count?
  3. I was 12 no parents just out with friends and boyfriends, a past I don't really want to remember.
  4. 16 for me too. Dated a guy for a month, lol.
  5. 12 for me.
  6. 15 for me...but my mom and his mom had to talk before we were allowed to go to each other's houses, etc. I wasn't fully dating without my parents being involved until about 17.
  7. Seventh grade...which means I was 12 years old. Of course my parents never knew about any of my boyfriends until I was a senior in high school.
  8. I was 15 before I had an actuall boyfriend. My mom let us hang out at each others houses but our parents were always around.
  9. I was 13. But, I was pushed ahead in school, so I was a high school sophomore and my friends were all 15.
  10. 14, so based from my experience, I'm going to keep MY daughter locked up til she's at least 21!! :lol:

    However, I am still in :heart: with my high school sweetheart - almost 7 years together and going strong!! :flowers:
  11. 14 LOL, but, that was just calling someone my b/f, no dates or anything really LOL! first serious relationship was 18
  12. I had a cute little boy ask me to "go together" when I was around ten. But then I didn't actually go on real dates until I was almost 17! I was pretty slow to grow up:smile:
  13. I couldn't officially date until I was 18. I know, I was a spinster, right? LOL! It was all good though. All the boys I knew were idiots anyway. LOL!
  14. was all very innocent though! I am not sure if my parents agreed to it, or if I just did it!!! It was freshman year of high school, and we had all the dances, etc....
  15. 16, nothing serious though. Its okay, the guy was a piece of crap.
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