How old were you when you bought your first home?

  1. Did you buy it alone? With a significant other?

    :flowers: Flower for your indulgence.
  2. 25, Alone
  3. 20, alone, investment purposes.
  4. My first at 22 with my husband, and my second at 24 as an investment.
  5. my parents gave me my first house for my 18th b-day...i moved there only 2 years ago(at 22), since it was closer to the school i attended...:lol:
    what a beautiful thing is for me living alone...!!:P
  6. 25 and alone.

    I was with my BF at the time, but he had his own house.

    Property costs a fortune here!!!

    My three bedroom house is about 25 miles from Marble Arch (central London) and is now worth over £450,000 (approx. $850,000)!!! :shocked:

    Scary. :hrmm:
  7. 27 alone...i'm closing in a month! =)
  8. the first with 25 and alone! the rest came later and.....well much later :lol:
  9. My parents will help me buy an appartment this summer, so 18.
  10. 20 with my husband (then fiance).
  11. 25, with my husband.
  12. I had just turned 26 and purchased the home with my husband (boyfriend at the time...and he paid since I was a Stay-At-Home-Girlfriend. ;) )

    To think we got a steal just paying a little over 1/2 a mil. (We're on the North Shore of Long Island, NY.) Like everywhere else, the housing market on Long Island is insane.
  13. around 24 with husband....since then 2 more houses (closing on one next week). Thankfully we're in Indiana now and housing is much cheaper...the first house was California and was so expensive it just financially drained us. Miss the weather there...but not the housing prices.
  14. 29, alone.
  15. 27 with my fiance. This year... I hope we made a smart move and can get profit out of it at some point!