How old were you when you bought your first Coach?

  1. I saw this kind of thread on the LV forum and it was interesting. It was crazy to see how early those girls were knee deep in LV :shocked: Even the ages were crazy to me!! I am 31 and just started my obsession w/ Coach and LV! I Love Coach so much more then LV, but I had to have me a black multicolor LV :drool:

    So, I am 31 and just started my obsession w/ Coach! I have bought and sold about 5 bags in the last two months and have 3, so far, that I am keeping. I am addicted and can't wait to buy more :smile:
  2. I bought my first designer purse when I was 14. It was a Dooney.. :smile:

    But my first Coach bag I was 15. xD

    and my first LV bag was 21. Haha.. :smile:

    But I can say that I am a true follower of Coach.. only because it's a fabulous brand and very affordable. :smile: My LV costs me monthhhhss of saving up to do.. Haha.
  3. It was just last year, I was, and still, am 26. I feel like a late bloomer :p
  4. it's okay to be a late bloomer :smile: - I was 23 (2 years ago in November is when I made my first purchase).
  5. i was 29 (few months ago). i now have 3 coach bags, 2 wallets and various accessories (belt, scarf, etc).
  6. My hubby (boyfriend at the time) bought me a Coach when we were dating. I was 24 or 25? I then started buying Dooney bags until 2 years ago when I bought another Coach bag. It was the khaki/berry beaded gallery tote that did me in!:graucho: I was 36. I'm now 38 and have been obsessing ever since! :heart:
  7. 27.

    Now I have 3 bags (one more on the way soon!), a wallet, two mini skinnies, a couple of key chains, a name tag, a pill case and an ID case.

    And I complain that I don't have enough! :blush:
  8. 13... :smile: It was a Coach wristlet from my parents, actually.

    My first BOUGHT Coach was at 15, last Soho flap that I ADORE.

    Now I'm TOTALLY addicted... my friends think I'm nuts, but I love Coach. :heart: And I wouldn't have it any other way.
  9. I didn't get my first Coach until I was 25 (I think) - was a gift from my parents. I bought my own when I was 26.

    And I just bought my first and only LV last year - when I was 29!
  10. one of my friends got me into coach when i was about 12, she got me a coach mini skinny and since then i have been in love with coach. im 13 now and have 1 dooney and bourke and 2 coach purses, i also have a couple accessories.
  11. I bought my first Coach when I was 21. I'm now 22 and I have 4 purses, 2 wallets, 2 wristlets, 3 scarves, 4 charms and 4 keyfobs and 1 umbrella :rolleyes: :shame:
  12. I didn't get into Coach until 2 yrs ago, I was 37 y/o. Talk about a LATE bloomer! *LOL* I've accumulated over 50 Coach purses since but sold about 20 of them on eBay the last few months. And I fight the daily urge to buy my next Coach so my obssession continues......:graucho:
  13. I bought a dooney when I was 16, and I bought my first Coach at 17, along with my second and third! :heart:
  14. my first purse was a dooney also! lol...I was dad curses the day...I'm almost 20...I have about 4 coaches now and I just bought my first Gucci...I moved kinda fast through the chain lol
  15. I bought my first Coach when I was 15 years old it was a black signature soho flap bag.