How old is your oldest Mulberry?

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  1. Hello Mulberry ladies,
    I apologise if something to this effect has already been posted, but I was wondering how old your oldest Mulberries are?
    Having recently acquired a beautiful bag, I want to know how long she will look so lovely.
    Do you have bags that are, say, 10 years old? Older still? Do Mulberry bags last forever or do they start to fall apart after a while? Do they need extensive repair? Many of you have said how they get better with age, so is your older Mulberry still a beauty?
    I intend to give my Mabel a long and happy life. I am caring for her as best I can but I can only do so much - I fear the lightweight antiqued leather might sag under a certain amount of weight and I'm getting paranoid about how much weight my bag should carry (she's a small Mabel). Thoughts?
  2. the mabel shape is a durable design and can hold loads..i put loads in it and the beauty of it is there's never sagging.....i don't like saggy bags so i put a card base in bags that sag i.e. choco roxy and my red oldest bag would probs be my choco blenheim..4/5 yrs old i think...mulberry bags are generally very durable and strong...
  3. My beloved Vanity case in scotchgrain (leather lined inside) is 19years old and still no problem shown after traveling all over the world. I was thrown out from Harrods by security alert then went into Mulberry shop not knowing what they are selling, then totally fell in love!
  4. My oldest is a black congo Helier. It's lined with the tartan fabric & is about 15 years old now & still looks great. It's had nothing more than some cream nourisher every now & again.
  5. My first Mulberry was a little black saddle bag, I still have it. I cannot quite remember anymore when I bought it, but it was around 1984, so about 25 years ago!
  6. My oldest Mulberry is also a little saddle bag similiar to bagcrazy123's but in nile print and dark brown colour, bought in 1990. I remember I was looking for a little brown bag to have across the body and when I discovered Mulberry's, there was no need to look for other:heart:
  7. I have a kelly style mulberry and one that looks like a round canteen. Both were gifts and I was told they were from the 80's. They still look great.
  8. But, do you think that today's quality is at the level with quality Mulberry had 25 or 15 years ago?
    My experience with other brands says that it is not comparable and therefore I would be careful when making conclusions.
  9. You make a good point zaduzl.
    Longstanding Mulberry fans - is quality today what it was back then in the Mulberry brand?
  10. Hard to say as back then pretty much everything was in congo leather and that is virtually indestructible. I have a black congo bucket/duffle bag, handed down to me by my mom, and it's been going strong and getting more beautiful for 13 years now since my mom bought it.
    I think the darwin leather may be comparable to it in quality and how it ages.
    Not sure about the other leathers they use.
    But I'd say in comparison with other luxury brands the quality is better.
    Just look at how many 'quality issues' threads there are on LV or Miu Miu and how few there are on Mulberry.
    From what I remember the few bags that had issues were the Agyness ( with the zipper), the Euston (also zipper related) and some sealing on Ledbury, Bays etc.

    I do have a problem with Mulberry outsourcing to China and am afraid the bags manufactured there may have a bigger risk of producing quality issues but at this point all that is pure conjecture and remains to be seen in the future.
  11. Congo and Darwin leather sound great, but the leather I have is lightweight antiqued. I take it this is a recently introduced leather? Is anyone able to tell me how good it is over time?
  12. I am pretty new to the madness. I got my first Mulberry, an Oak Emmy in Spring 2007, I think. I began skulking here on the Mulberry forum, after I had a very brief affair with Hayden Harnett bags. When I read the descriptions of Mulberry bags, and looked at the pictures that everyone posted, I couldn't believe the beauty and quality of the bags and I was hooked!!!!
  13. I love collecting vintage bags...and have some very early 1970's vintage Mulberry (I hasten to add not from the first time around :P)..... they're built to last, still as good now!!!
  14. Hey mombug - pretty much the exact same thing happened to me. I read an article about Mulberry's collaboration with the Gap, and those bags weren't available in Australia. You always want what you can't have. So I jumped on the Mulberry website and loved the colours and styles as they're so beautiful and discovered the forum. Then I just got swept away by Mulberry mania!