How old is your oldest LV from your current collection?

  1. Mine should be the Damier Zipped Compact Wallet and the Damier Trousse which were purchased back in summer 2000. They are almost 7 years old now. :p

    I had my first LV (mono musette tango) in 1999 and a red epi pochette was also bought in summer 2000, but i sold both of them 2-3 years ago.
  2. Mine is the mono musette tango purchased in 2001. Still in my collection.
  3. My oldest LV is the mono mini looping my dad bought for me 5 years ago. It's still sturdy and great looking!:happydance:
  4. I beleive 6 years my first LV, my navaglio old enough to not have louis vuitton on the strap at least and it still looks almost new.
  5. My Petite Bucket purchased in 1999, that makes her about 8 years old..howlong is that in "purse" years?
  6. Hmmm,my mono pochette I think. 2001 :smile:
  7. mine is my multicolor pochette and papillon 19. both bought on the same day in april 2004.
  8. Mine is 42 days. I think I went LV crazy!:wtf:
  9. Hmm ... Mines is about 4 months old ... MC speedy white. I only got to use it about 7 times at most so its still very new and has a long way to go.
  10. My oldest is my Mono Speedy 25 & she's only 1 year old
  11. Monogram Speedy 30.

    5 years old!
  12. Mine Is From 2003 The White Mc Speedy.
  13. 1992 toledo blue speedy 30. :wtf: egads, i'm old.
  14. Mine is my Ellipse PM. I got it back in 2000/01 not sure which..
  15. Damier Chelsea: 1998