How old is your favourite LV

  1. Hi guys :heart:

    Seeing and following forever thread regarding spedies, i come to realize that my baby damier speedy is almost birthday, LOL. She was born in France (DU, where is the exact location?) on November 2006. I've been using her for almost everyday for works with lots of heavy junk in it, but it didnt show any wear (well it has some slight imperfection like wrinkle handles, a lil bit hw chipping, but all in all this baby is still as good as a brand new :yahoo:).

    Please share with me how old your favorite baby !!!
  2. hey cutie, i was wondering if u knew why the handles got wrinkled - just from using it as a handbag?

    i'm thinking of the damier speedy 30 for my first piece, so I was just wondering! also if u could show a pic of your "wrinkled" handles, that'd be much appreciated!!

    sorry, i don't have any babies, as of yet, so i can't quite answer the question :love:
  3. One of my absolute favorite bags EVER (LV Waltz Oskar) just celebrated it's second birthday and it's sister (Mizi Vienna) will be turning two in November!:drinkup:
  4. I don't really have a favourite as of now...but when I get my plum Le Tal it'll be my favourite for awhile :love: I believe it was born in 2003.
  5. My all-time favorite LV is my Speedy 25 that was my wedding gift from my husband. It's almost 20 years old!

    My current favorite is my Ebene Mini Lin Speedy and i received it for Christmas 2006
  6. my current fav is my mirrage- so its now 5 days old for me! a baby i know....hehe
  7. My Mono Speedy 30 Made in France August 2007 - and my first LV Bag!
  8. My trusty Deauville was made in France in April 2002. I just love her!
  9. My fav. is my speedy 30 and she is almost 20 years old!
  10. I think my Speedy is from the '70's.
  11. My newest bag is ALWAYS my favorite, at least until the next one comes! ;)
  12. since I only have My lovely speedy turned 1 yr old in july of this year. Hopefully we will have many more years together