How old is your BALbag ????

  1. My oldest is a Tomato GSH Work from 07. Thin, glossy, super-smooshy chevre - I caved yesterday and carried this bag in pouring rain. Then I managed to spill a big dollop of salad dressing on it. I am amazed. For all the babying I've given this bag - maybe I didn't need to? Came through the soaking just fine and the salad dressing hasn't left a mark. I think the oldies are tougher than we realise.....
  2. My oldest is a s/s '03 black city. The oldest is a'07LE magenta city. As you can guess I am partial to chèvre. I had to sell my beautiful argent gsh city because the lether wasn't soft enough for me.
  3. My oldest is my Black Cherry from 2008. Love it to bits! The leather is amazing and so soft.
  4. My oldest bags are from 04 season and they' re still amazing. I carry them the best way i can and fortunately both leather and hardware are good looking :smile:
  5. Most of my Bal collection is from 2007, because I'm obsessed with the leather from that year- all are in pretty excellent shape and are not particularly babied by me at all.
  6. I just recently got my Day RH from 2006.
    Luckily it's still in great condition.....and such an adorable color :heart:
  7. I purchased my first in 2005, wore it consistently for a couple of years, then on and off since then (many more Bals joined the family in the meantime). Has it worn well? No. Do I still love it anyway? Yes!