How old is your BALbag ????

  1. My oldest is a Black from 2003 which I purchased pre-owned and it looks fine. Very soft of course, but holding up really well. I also have bags from 2004, 2005 right up through 2012. I don't think any of them look too beaten up and nothing is coming apart. But I rotate my bags often. The bag that I have that has gotten the most use is a 2008 Black Day. That year, black bags faded quite a bit, and mine has. It looks like Anthra. But it has held up very well and it has travelled all over Europe many times over 4 years holding tons of stuff. That indicates to me that Bal bags do hold up.
  2. Thank u everyone for the reply :smile: and tips ! Its been more than a year that I wanted to get a Bbag hopefully I'll get it soon before the year ends . I'll update everyone if ever I get one soon .
    BTW , have u guys heard of using lubriderm ? read it somewhere and the apple garde .
  3. Oh ok, I'm good then!! I only put them on the floor where there's carpet. my Work has seen quite a bit of rain but he is tough, so no problem :biggrin: Unfortunately, I can't avoid the sun..
    What do you use on your corners? My black City has one faded front corner and one worn rear corner.. I tried some Bal cream on it, I think it works (maybe will take pic later)
    Well, I don't own any LV and don't plan to. Ya, I much prefer Bal leather over LV canvas/ leather; and I'm just not into the monogram :supacool:
  4. I asked LMB what to use on corners & Barbara said Shine Restore would be good. There is an LMK in KUL, you should go there to check.
  5. I'm with ya---My favorite corner treatment is 2 coats of Leather Honey (I know you know about that), and then Bal cream now and again. I just watch them carefully. I like LVs, but LOVE Bal!:biggrin:
  6. I would stay far away from Lubriderm. If you search threads on the entire Purse Forum you will see plenty of threads regarding this.
    I seriously baby my bags, they never touch the ground, and I only use LMB products (serum, color enhance, FHO), Leather Honey and Collonil waterstop spray on them.

    I also use EdgeKote on my edges if I see a bit of wear at all. I have black for my Black Bal, and Clear for all other colors.
  7. cool, I have both :biggrin:
    So yesterday I put LH on all four corners. The faded corner still lighter in color but better now, but the worn corner may need some more work
  8. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but are black Bal meant to have a sheen? The ones I saw in store didn't at all, but I saw an Anthra with a beautiful sheen. Any answers would be really helpful!
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    I'm sorry for hijacking your thread OP and I'm no help.. as my bags are 2010 and 2011.. I sure hope they'll last a long long time!!
  10. My black has a sheen but my Anthra looks quite matte to my eyes, when photograph (with flash) my black City is very shinny and the flash accentuates the wrinkles :cool: while the Anthra has a very plasticky sheen which I just hate :yucky:
  11. No, it's my fault for hijacking -sorry about that. Ah, well that sounds like the bags weren't in great condition to start with so maybe some more looking is in order.
  12. Give the worn one a day or two to absorb and then another coat. You can't totally fix the worn ones (at least I don't know how), but you can help keep it from getting worse. The SA in NYC told me that it only costs about $85US to have the corner piping repaired at Bal (I'm assuming this means per corner). I'm not sure I believe that, and I don't know how long it takes to get your bag back, but I have a couple pre-owned ones whose corners are bad enough that I'm considering trying them.
  13. I have a 7 month old Giant Part-Time in white. Still a baby but stains are noticeable...:pout:
  14. my oldest is the 2001 or 2002 caramel flat brass first, i don't remember if it's 01 or 02 but it's still as beautiful, the caramel colour really good with age, and the handle still very firm and doesn't really change colour too much and the other bbags i have.
  15. My oldest is 2007 and is still great. Mind you I rotate my bags a lot.