how old is too old...

  1. for kids to go trick or treating?
  2. I'd say around 13 or 14 is the cut off....but that's just my opinion
  3. They should be no older than 10-11. I totally despise seeing TEENAGERS at my door standing next to 6 year olds begging candy. Paaathetic! :yucky:
  4. Yeah, I would say once they get into high school, about 13. I hate when older kids come to my house to trick-or-treat especially when they don't even wear a costume! UGH!
  5. yeah, no high-schoolers... unless they are the guardians for the younger kids.. they can go but not ask for candies..
  6. I'd say 13 or 8th grade-ish. Any older than that and they should be at home handing out the candy or something else productive. Around here, the older "trick or treaters" do nothing but cause problems for the little kids (being pushy and such at doorways) so they should just stay home or get together with friends
  7. Well you guys might think Im crazy but I take my dogs trick or treating (Im 22 but I thought my babies would enjoy it) so I go anyways even if people think Im pathetic or foolish. lol
  8. 13 years old is when they usually feel too old to go....

    My daughter is 10 and still loves it....I dont have a problem with ANY age trick or treaters as long as they are polite and having fun!
  9. i don't mind giving candy to anyone who wants to trick or treat. :yes:as long as there is no trouble making i hope they all have fun.
  10. I have no problem with older kids trick or treating as long as they actually put on a decent costume. When they don't dress up, knock on your door and shove out their loot bag without saying anything. I start to get a little:mad: :rant: :rant: :mad: . Yep, that really irks me.
  11. In a previous neighborhood, the high school "boys", no costume, would come to the door, barely mumble "Trick or treat" and hold open a pillowcase for the goodies. I hated that, but I'm a sucker and gave them candy anyway.
  12. I agree...hehehehe
  13. Oh - I am a total BI*** to those kids. Costumes - fine - whatever, you get candy. But if they're obviously teenagers, with no costume: "NO COSTUME NO CANDY". And I slam the door.

    Gosh - I'm gonna get egged one of these years.:s
  14. Since we dont get much trick or treaters here, I welcome all age!
  15. I stopped trick-or-treating around...14? I still dress up every year tho, whether it's for a party or staying at home and handing candy out.

    i LOVE halloween!!