How old is too old for Balenciaga Bags?

  1. So this is a delicate question: I'm in my 30's and i'm purchasing b-bags thinking that i'll be using them for the next 5 years at least, maybe more. But at what age do the tassels not look age appropriate? I thought about it, and I realized that I couldn't think of a lot of 40ish woman (celebs that is) that had this bag. What do you think: would it look out of place? Have you even seen an older woman with a b-bag and thought "who is she trying to fool, she should be carrying a Chanel or Hermes?" <--- I mean that in a nice way, I love both Chanel and Hermes.

    Is anyone else worried about growing out of their b-bags?

    just wondering..... :flowers:
  2. When your so old you no longer know what a bag is at all. Gosh, NEVER EVER too old for a Bbag!!
  3. Well, my mom, who is 72 and a hipster artist type carries my grey city what do you think of that?
  4. gosh, beauxgoris-girl, i don't think you're ever too old to wear b-bags :yes:...i know i plan on wearing mine forever & ever...i don't care what the celebs think or do, as long as my bags make me happy :tender:
  5. wow, i think that rocks Irishgal & i wanna be just like her someday :wlae:
  6. Irishgal, I'll tell you what I think --- I love it! GO MOM!!!!!! :love:

    ....honestly, I've said this before, I'm not really (gasp) a 'bag' person too much (although of course I do love them!) - but something about Balenciaga motorcycle bags for me, just make me so happy! I feel like they are an extension of my outfit, and that I am wearing the bag rather than the bag wearing me, they are part of my overall image, and not just an accessory. I know I will be carrying them for a lifetime, and passing them on to my children, who will then enjoy them too! ;)
  7. I meant the question in a nice way ladies, not a mean way. :flowers: I love b-bags, it was just something I was pondering. I keep trying other bag lines, but usually end up selling them as I always go back to my b-bags. :heart: I've just commited all my purse funds to b-bags. I want to be able to use them for a long time.
  9. "What do I think of that?" <---- I think that's great!
  10. something you'll realize as you get older, it's not about what other people think anymore, it's about what it does for me. I love my bbags and I'm 52. I don't care what other people think but I'm sure they're all thinking that my awesome bag would look great on them. Too bad it's mine.
  11. I'm in my 40's and I completely agree with loren, it's not about what other people think at all. I do tend to tone down the tassels a little bit, just because that's more "me" (and also, I'm a klutz), but - honestly, if anyone saw me on the street with a Chanel or Hermes, they'd bust out laughing. There's a whole look and personal style that goes along with bags that has nothing to do with age, really.
  12. I'm 47 and I rock my Bbags!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I agree!:yes:
  14. That cracks me up, because I know exactly what you mean..:lol:
  15. I'm 41 and just started carrying B bags, and you will find as you mature that you will care less what people think, will care less what other people do and generally be more comfortable in your own skin.

    PS when I grow up i wanna be like Irishgals Mom... she rocks!!!:wlae: