how old is the Paddy...

  1. Were the Paddy-s, Betty made when Stella was the director? I was just wondering since she is so against leather. And these bags are so huge now! Or was it made when Phoebe took over?

    What will happen now that Phoebe Philo just stepped down? Anyone know who is filling in?
  2. The bags you mention were designed by Phoebe Philo. Paddy was introduced in Spring 2005 and Betty in spring 2006. I don't believe that her successor has been named yet.
  3. Thanks so much Quirky!!

    That makes sense, I didn't think Stella would have been huge on the Paddy (being made from leather and all).

    I just ask because I heard that they might be harder to come by now that Phoebe has left.

    Do you think they will keep producing them or start weening off of them?
  4. I don't see why they should since these have been huge money makers with strong demand, which has allowed them to increase prices.

    They only need to make the bag from the same "mold" and only change the color.

    If they were smart, they should discontinue it and then bring it back. The risk here is that this move may end up ruining the brand. It's too hard to find so people give up instead of trying to pay too much for it. And even when it comes back, this same fear may still affect the consumer mentality and end up depressing demand.

  5. Chloe claim that nothing will change now that Phoebe has left, because the same team will continue to design for them. Apparently they are not currently looking to replace her with a designer from outside the company.

    I disagree, that nothing will change, however. As I've said before, IMO, Chloe has already begun to slip. Although Phoebe was still officially at Chloe - S/S '05 was actually the last season where she was fully in control, as I believe she was busy being pregnant and having her baby, when the A/W '05 collection was being designed.

    I noticed a slight change for the worse, even then. But maybe it was just a complete coincidence that the brand began to move away from my taste, at that time?! :huh:

    I loved Chloe under both Stella and Phoebe and it's a shame that it appears to be the end of an era. :sad:

    I'm pretty sure that they'll continue to produce Paddys and variations on the Paddy theme, for a while yet (they're doing a clutch for Autumn, for example); in the same way as they have for the bracelet bags, clutches and Silverados.

    In fact, the less strong their design team, the longer they'll probably try to milk the Paddy cash cow!!! :lol: