How old is the charmy collection?

  1. I am liking the charmy bauletto bag... the monogram one that is similar to the boston bag with screw-type accents instead of the D-ring.. is this a new collection? how come it doesnt come out in the website? although there is one bag from this collection that i saw there:

    any input would be appreciated! :smile: thanks gals!
  2. I can not see your link cuz i lives in UK and i was transfered automatically to UK site. Anyway, i have this bag which i bought in April around 305 Pound. It is the medium tote. I love it very much :rolleyes: and it turns out to be the bag that i use most often becuase it's very roomy.It 's in the cruise line for this year.

    Sorry that i can not help you much with how old it is.
  3. I think it came out late last year (wnter 2005)....its part of the the cruises collection ....the line is on sale...if you really like it you should go to your local gucci store and see if they can track it down for should be really cheap!!
  4. I forgot to post the picture of my bag..Here you go!!
    Resize of charmy.jpg
  5. thanks girls!!! i really do hope its on sale :smile:
  6. nice bag btw! :smile:
  7. Did you manage to get the bag?