How old is old enough for a birkin?

  1. The other night I was chatting with my roommate, who's also an hopeless purseholic like me. She said she wouldn't get a birkin until she's 30. The reason was, even she can afford it now, ppl might think she's carrying a fake coz she's too young to have a real. Is it true? How old were you when you had your first birkin? How old is old enough to have one?
  2. ling, I understand your question and I'm sure you'll get some helpful answers.

    But, some young people can afford and do buy birkins. If I were 20, had the money and wanted a Birkin I would buy one. I care not about what people might think. I would be buying the Birkin for myself. When I *was* 20, I was buying designer clothing. A birkin would have fit right in my lifestyle....but, I don't think they were being made then;)

    All that said, do you want a birkin now and feel you are ready for one?
  3. IMHO it is all relative to each individual situation. If you can afford one I don't think age should factor in. Especially if you can appreciate the beauty of this fantastic bag. Who cares what other people may think. I doubt someone would think the real deal is a knock-off. To me, the authentic always stands out in a crowd!:heart:
  4. If you are old enough to appreciate it and take care of it, then you are old enough for it.

    *feeling old enough now that I'm in my 30's*
  5. Hmmmm

    you know what, I think I'd notice the girl first, then her bag.
  6. I think it's more of a style issue than an age one. If a Birkin fits your fashion and life style and, obviously, your budget (darn reality!), then it's the right time.
  7. ^^I agree.
  8. I truly agree with the posts above.

    I'm in my mid twenties and I personally don't have a Birkin because I prefer the Kelly. I had turned down several offers because the moment I held the bag at the store, the birkin just wasn't for me :crybaby: :crybaby: .

    I know it's the ultimate of handbags and I think they are GORGEOUS and I had such high expectations after looking at all the pictures here with ladies looking so wonderful with their birkins but I just looked like I was carrying someone else's bag when I looked at myself in the mirror :crybaby:

    I only carry my Kelly for dressy/classy/special occasions because I want a bag I can just toss around and throw on the counter for everyday use..... And I love every single moment I carry it out..

    All in all, it's a matter of life style and personal choice..
    I KNOW (hope:shame: ) the Birkin will grow on me as time passes and someday I'll find the perfect one (or several) for me...

    As much as I covet the status and the chicness, I know the Birkin is not yet for me and would only look awkward...
  9. I don't have a birkin myself, but to answer the 'how old is old enough' question, I would say that when the individual can fully appreciate and understand the monetary value of such an item.
  10. i'm in early 20s and i just got my kellies and birkin recently.
    though friends say i look too young(like 16....maybe i should be happy ^o^) to wear designer clothes and carry lux bags...i dont care
    this is my lifestyle and i LOVE my bags
    i respect their value and quality
  11. I actually think the Birkin is a young style of bag! It's got the 'great with jeans' look about it! I think it says something about women who carry it, that they're young and open-minded and ready for anything, in spirit. So I think they look great on women of any age - though I do understand the comment about feeling like you're carrying someone else's bag!

    I'm 24 and I don't have a Birkin, because I really can't afford it. I have set up a Birkin-account and I hope to be able to buy one for my 28th birthday (my first LV Alma for my birthday this year! Excited already!) So I think if you are in your 20s and can afford one, it shows fantastic taste and maturity, in the sense that you know what you want, and aren't seduced by the flaky whims of fashion.

    About the fake thing, I really think you can tell. It should be enough to look at the person carrying it, to know they aren't a person who does faux.

    (can I just add, I love this forum - I like just reading about other people's Hermes collections, it makes me feel like an Hermes girl by proxy!)
  12. Never young enough to start enjoying quality hand-made purses!
  13. your roommate has a point i suppose. if your birkin would spend its time as a book bag, etc. that doesn't seem appropriate. and she knows herself and her style and it could look, if not fake, just really out of place. so her decision is right for her. while hermes is just gorgeous luxury available to one and all with the money for it, i do also regard it as icing on the cake. i don't think i needed or craved such luxury when i was so young. you have healthy (i'm willing to wager you never get back pain) and beauty (young skin alone is a virtue in our society) and energy and time, so i would just enjoy those wonderful accessories. vogue and the rest of those dictatorial magazines aren't trying to limit hermes' revenue when they repeatedly recommend buying an hermes when your'e in your 40s or 50s (every single time they do an age issue or section, it's among the must-haves for this age group), it's because it is really a fitting style accessory. of course a teenager can appreciate the quality and beauty (or some can), but just from a visual perspective... it's off. and also psychologically like i said, it's a nice panacea for the pre- and post-menopausal set. if you've struggled raising kids or struggled through multiple marriages or struggled with family or struggled achieving your professional sucess, dammit you deserve an hermes bag! and buying/carrying one shows you've earned the money/success to own and appreciate one (i say appreciate in terms of it representing something to you, not appreciate in terms of quality).
    with the exception of the olsen twins(they've been working since they were babies), very few who are really young have have really earned and can appreciate an hermes bag.
    if one does buy a birkin or any other hermes bag at 20, what do they do when they're 30 or 40 or 50? like i said, the young get the privilege to wear youth. the mature get to wear sophistication. life is more fun if you enjoy each stage properly, just like courses of a meal. don't start with dessert.
  14. You know, I thought for quite a while that a Birkin was not only my style, but not appropriate for someone my age (22). I thought I needed to be much older. But then I realized, after trying one on, that I really loved the style and that it worked on me! (I have a round face, so any square designs tend to work really well on me) I plan on getting one sometime this year now :biggrin: Birkins have a great casual feel to them, but you can still dress them up! I was after a bolide at first, but my SA thought they actually had a more formal look to them (something, as a college student, I don't *really* need right now).

    You have PLENTY to look forward to when you're older...I certainly can't afford exotic skins right now, so I can't wait until I can afford crocodile one day!!! And eventually, I'll buy a kelly, which will be my mature little evening bag (25cm), out of Lizard!

    As long as you can afford it responsibly and really love the style and can REALLY appreciate Hermes and what goes into creating each pieces, buy one! It's a classic that will last a lifetime. And who cares if someone thinks it is fake? I HOPE my relatives (aunts/cousins) think it's fake, so they won't start making snarky/snippy about my purchasing habits :biggrin:
  15. I was about to turn 33 when I got my first Hermes bag. It was the right time for me. I found that my lifestyle/style has finally evolved to accommodate the understated beauty of Hermes.

    I am with AuthenticLux on this one. Go for it if it fits your life.