How OLD is Grands ...

  1. Fonds scarf? And is it really rare?
  2. Irene, it's circa 1992. I don't really know about its rarity.
  3. It's not that rare, but like most of Faivre's design's they still go for above retail especially if they are in the blue,black, or green colorways.
  4. Interesting...

    I did not know this! Cool.
  5. Grands Fonds? Oh, she's on old hag. Wait, you mean the scarf... ?

  6. Yep. It another one of those must have designs along with Recontre Oceane. Everytime they come up on eBay, I put them on my watch list hoping to get them for somewhat close to current retail. Never happens.

    Guess I'll just keep sending monthly letters to Mr. Dumas demanding he re-issue them....(not really)
  7. :roflmfao:

    We love you Grands fonds!!
  8. I figure 30's? 2 kids and a husband?.....

    Just kidding,I love the scarf, have never seen it in a store! I would love the answer too!
  9. hey irene!!! i just noticed u changed ur name to H_addict!!! YAAAAY!!!!
  10. :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: I am DOOMED!!! LOL!!!
  11. I know, ....this go SO WELL with Hermes... but... I love Ice Hockey... I used to play it!.... O.K. Mods... sorry:push:
  12. We all knew that was coming!!!!!:p

    Ya' know, I think GF once said she was 30..................or 31.:confused1: Looks good, too, for that age!;)
  13. HG... If you know... cough it up... I love that scarf and am willing to "Australian black mail"
    Ifigure "regular black mail" will mean something else.:shrugs:
  14. The scarf was born in 1992, Grands Fonds the person, off the top of my head was born around 1976?:confused1: