How Old Is Everyone?

  1. I was just scanning the photo thread of the PF members......and rapidly decided I'm the only one that wore platform shoes the first time they were in fashion!!! :wtf:

    Ladies (and gents, too), care to toss out your age? If you're uneasy putting the exact age, just say something like 20ish, 30ish or whatever. Or maybe I can do a poll thingie?

    My thread so I go first: I'll be 51 on Thursday. Yes, you have a Red Hatter and certified AARP member in your midst! :drinks:
  2. Happy early birthday, Prada Psycho! :yahoo:

    I'm 22!
  3. Aww happy early birthday!

    I'm 19 :shame:
  4. I'm 17.

    Hapy 51st birthday Prada Psycho!
  5. Happy Birthday..I'm 21.
  6. Happy birthday! I'm 43.:cry:
  7. 26.
  8. Happy Birthday!

    I just turned 21 on July 6 :smile:
  9. happy birthday!
    i am turning 26 in october :queen:
  10. 23
    Happy Birthday!!!
  11. Happy Birthday!

    I'm 20. ;)
  12. 18. Happy birthday!
  13. 36..and getting younger..LOL
  14. 28:smile:
  15. Happy B-Day!

    I just turned 35 this past June! :wlae: