How old did you / would you want to get married?

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  1. I'm just wondering how old did you guys get married? And if not yet, how old are you guys planning to get married?

    For me, I'm 22 and turning 23 this year. I'm getting married this April 21 2007. :yes:
  2. I absolutely refuse to marry before I turn 26-27 years old. That should be enough time for me to graduate (shortly after I turn 23, I'm 22 right now), get a career going, and for SO to graduate and have a stable career, so both of us will have a good, stable, steady income and our own place. I would become engaged a while after I turn 25, or right around the time I turn 26, but never before then. In my own personal world, a marriage needs solid financial stability as much as it needs love and trust. Plus, your 20's are still a young age, people are still doing a good bit of maturing during this time.

    I suppose this is due in part to the number of extremely sad and unsuccessful early marriages that I have witnessed. If you don't have a stable source of income, a stable career, and your own home...I have difficulty believing marriage is a good plan. SO and I have been dating for five years now, and neither one of us has a problem waiting a while to get married. I never have understood the rush. If you have your SO, you are happy together, and you are on your way to being successful, then why rush marriage? :yes:

    I hope that doesn't offend anyone, it's just my own personal belief, one somewhat passed on from my family too, as my parent's didn't see fit to marry until later on also (they waited until they had a solid foundation before marrying). Every family is different though, and what works for one does not necessarily work for the other! :smile:
  3. I got married when I was 25 and I still feel like it was too young, even though I had already bought my own home and had a successful career by then. I think you should get married when both partners are financially secure, have been able to live independently from one another, and have had other relationships that allowed them to learn and mature from mistakes made when dealing with another person. That way you are not rushing into marriage based on emotions and love alone (which is not enough to keep a marriage together!). Ideally, I think 26-28 is a good range to start thinking about marriage because you'll have enough life experiences by then to be able to understand and handle the commitment.

    All of my friends (but one) who married during or right out of college have dissolved marriages. The successful relationships (I've seen) are the ones who got married around the 30 year old mark. But I'm in the professional business field, so my views may be skewed based on the types of people I interact with.
  4. got married at 26 - absolutely perfect time for me but I never planned on the age, just that i would get married as soon as I found the right person. actually, I think it depends on each individual, some people are mature enough to handle marriage for life at 20 and other never will!

    enjoy your wedding!
  5. i don't want to get married, i don't really see a point, especially since i don't want kids.
  6. Congrats :smile: !!

    I think I would like to get married when I'm around 26-28. I'm 24 now and would like to be more financially stable before getting married. I think it would give my boyfriend and me enough time to save for a house down payment..etc..etc.
  7. Getting married, whenever wherever if the circumstances are right. As for children.. Not before 35.
  8. 28, got the partying out of my system first!
  9. My man and I are already engaged.

    I know that I am really young but I know and hope that I am doing the right thing with no regrets.

    I am getting married soon after I graduate..which is in about a 2-3 more years time frame. Right now I am barely 21....but my man is a tadddddddddddd older than I am.
  10. If someone had asked me this a year ago, I would've told them I want to be married by 24 (which is this June). Somewhere along the way though, something happened in my life and I realized that I was not ready to get married yet. My answer now is, I'd like to get married between 27-30.
  11. Well, I didn't get married until I was 35. Took a long time to meet the right one! But I am VERY glad I waited. Looking back, if I had married any of my previous boyfriends, I surely would have been divorced!

    I believe the "right" age is different for everyone. But generally speaking, I believe it's right when you can stand on your own two feet and can contribute to the relationship equally, not just financially, but from an emotional maturity standpoint as well.
  12. i am 25 now... and am nowhere near getting married. i've been single for nearly 3 years, and am thinking about dating again eventually. i don't think i can see myself married until i am at least 28, but i'd like to settle down and start a family before the age of 35

  13. Congrats!!!!:yahoo: I'm getting married this summer, July 21, 2007, actually, and I too will be 22. (I turn 22 in June.) I think that there really is no way to plan an age to get married. I think once you find the right person, if you try to plan every little thing in your life, you will miss out on a lot. Find the right person and falling for them isn't really something you can put on the calendar. I don't think you can say 'this person is wonderful and we really click and he/she is my best friend, but I am only 21, so i'd better get rid of them' or 'well, I'm 25 now so I can fall in love....". You just need to relax and let it happen!

    Congrats again. So happy for you. Good luck!!!!
  14. Used to be - 24
    Now - 30
    If it works with this guy, I see us married in a couple of years. I never thought I would get married this late, but am glad I've weeded out the bad ones by now.
    Life and love are never how you expect it to be!
  15. i hope to be married by 28 ... i wouldn't mind getting married at like 26 though. i want to have my first child in my early 30s preferrably 30 haha. but i think it really depends on the individual and the guy. right now, i am 21 and i have been dating my guy for 3 years. i can see us getting married earlier but we both have careers we want to establish. Him law school, me MBA and grad school. but we already act like a married couple =)