How old can you be and still carry off the mini?

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  1. #1 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    Hi. Perhaps I should have said more mature ;) Anyway I would like to know that as I grow older, is there a certain time when the mini looks two cutesy or not appropriate? I saw a mini and a "micromini". The mini(which may be the small) looks like it could hold an epipen (about 7 - 8") at an angle and a phone, the micromini was too small. I am on the waitlist for the blue valentine but I did really like the mini as it seemed more in proportion to my size (4' 11") than the E-W. I have an older beige/pink E-W and when I recently purchased the medium 2.55, I noticed that the 2.55 made me look a little taller.

    Oh. I just remembered that mini does not come in blue, and I don't remember if it comes in pink or not.
  2. I don't really think it is an age thing but honestly a proportion thing. I think they tend to look odd on someone who is tall and of average build just because it looks out of proportion. I honestly think barbie pinks and the old valentine heart chain look more "cutesy" than something that is just small.
  3. IMHO, any age is appropriate with a mini. I don't think that it would matter to some people, go for whatever you like... :smile:
  4. I have the mini in pink, its a fab bag and I am ahem, late thirties.

    A close friend of mine is almost fifty, and has the black mini in lamb. It looks amazing on her too :smile: Its a classic flap, not really dictated by age at all
  5. I think the mini looks great on everyone! I don't think it looks cutesy, I think it brings a sense of whimsy to any outfit (if thats the right word...)
  6. I'm mid-40s and use my assortment of mini all the time when I go out! I've every intention of carrying them well into old age!! Granted, I wear them on my shoulder, not messenger style, bc shoulder style is more timeless to me.
  7. I think the mini is timeless. Really any age can pull it off.
  8. I agree. Not saying the valentine or pink bags can't look great on someone "older" than teens/20s, because it can look great. But it does for sure look more "cutesy" than just a small bag. But i think the best mini's are the black mini flap, because it's so versatile and good for every age.

    I honestly would not worry about it too much though. I've seen a woman in her 70's with the old pink valentine flap at a wedding and she looked really nice with it.
  9. What are the dimensions of the mini and also the small?

    If the handbag is 5" x 7", using the pythagorean theorem, the hypotenuse should be 8.6 inches. Which should fit an epipen (by it's side). Anyone have a mini or small flap bag who also carries an epipen? I forgot to bring mine when I went to the S/S trunk show, so I couldn't test it out in real life.
  10. i feel that any ages can wear mini flap very well :smile: