How old are you Tokidoki owners?

  1. Just curious how old most people are that carry Tokidoki. Do you think the cartoony pattern is good for all ages?

    There's a thread here about ages... It's just a little ways down on the thread list.
  3. I'm bored so I'll reply anyways lol I'm 22 and I think tokidoki is cool for all ages :smile:
  4. hehe i'm 19!! i got my first one just after my birthday. and now i'm up to 11 T_T
  5. I'm 23 and I think Tokidoki is for anyone at any age! Tokidoki doesn't discriminate! :party:
  6. 27 will be 28 tomorrow.
  7. i'm 35. imho anyone can carry tokidoki
  8. happy early birthday, djr0658
  9. im just 18, i love toki bags (an toys, an cloths...) i just found out today my 42y/o aunt also carries tokis:smile: after joining tpf i see toki is for all ages an life styles :yes:
  10. i started an earlier thread just like this, because i'm 30 and wondered if i'm too old to love tokidoki. apparently i'm not, thankfully! :wlae:
  11. I'm 24.. but my mom carries my toki bag way more than I do - and she's more than double that. :graucho:
  12. I feel the same way I'm 30 too.
  13. I'm 24... And Happy Bday DJ.. :dothewave::dothewave:
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DJR!!! :party: Hope you get toki stuff :graucho:

    My bday just passed 2 days ago so now I'm 20!! Ahhhh and I got a Tutti MM from the bf :love:
  15. I turned 20 in july :]

    looking at some of the replys, a lot seem to be in their early 20's. wow I didnt know that, I just thought I had young tastes and I was an older one. heh who knew. thanks for posting this thread.