How Old Are You Chelsea?

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    All I see is made in France and nothing else.Do you think they are not including dates anymore??????
    Please Chelsea how old are you?
  2. Have you looked inside the pockets at the seams ?
  3. I just checked again-I MUST BE BLIND or I'm reallllllly missing it.No date
  4. Thee is only one long zippered pocket-nothing
  5. Ayla,I've gotta run now but will check again later. I have about 100 people coming to my house for a family reunion.Its for husband's family and people are starting to show up. Its a lovely sunny, clear, day here and we should have fun. We usually get these things here b/c we have a pool and its the South and so very HOT!
    Thanks for your help-I'll look later
  6. The date code on my Saleya (also red microfiber) was SO hard to see. It was next to the seam inside of the pocket and I had to pull it open wide and then get a FLASHLIGHT to try to see it. And even then I could barely read it. Maybe try that.
  7. The Chelsea datecode is underneath the zipper, just where the zipper leather trim meets the canvas lining, at one of the ends of the bag, and it's on the side of the bag without the interior zip pocket. Mine is old (from 1997, with the brown canvas lining), so not sure if they change the locations from time to time.
  8. Well my company has left and I'm relaxing with a cup of cappucinno and tooked again for the date and lo and behold, I found it on the underside of the zipper, in the corner.
    It was 'born' in may 2006, in France.
    Thanks for all help.
  9. After that panic, you need a drink! :lol: I would! :lol:
  10. YAY, you found it! Aww she is still a baby, only about 2 months old.:tender::flowers:
  11. Yay, she has a birthdate, lol!