how old are the Mia satchels???

  1. [​IMG]

    I saw one in khaki/white today, and I would really like to buy one. would I have any luck @ the outlets???
  2. Mia Satchels are from Fall 2006. I did not see any at my outlet when I went recently.
    I have seen this bag on eBay from time to time though.
  3. I'm not sure if it was this EXACT bag, but I know they had some very, very similar to this at the outlet like 2 weeks ago. I thought they were cute, but I like shoulder bags so I didn't look too closely at them.
  4. They had the one you showed (or very close) last weekend in MI in chocolate and khaki\brown
  5. I saw them at my outlets in April in the clearance section. I wanted one so badly yet decided to pass on it at the time as I had bought too many bags. They are all long gone from my outlets now.:crybaby:
  6. I love that bag, and saw one at the outlet in NC, back in august and they had one patchwork signature one! it was so pretty, but it was like 400 bucks and it was wasn't even like any percent off... so it stayed there