How old ARE B-bags?

  1. I was talking to the SA yesterday at Shirisse. I am guessing she is 60+. She said her bag was 14 years old! Then she showed it to me. It looked 14 years old. lol. It was a first of some orangish, red color.

    But I didn't even know they went back that far. Does anyone know when they first started making the moto line?
  2. F/W 2001 I believe.
  3. haha, I was at shirise and talking to the same SA a few weeks ago, and she told me the same thing! She was saying that bbags are so durable and she's had hers for, not 14, but 15 years. She didn't show hers to me though, although she did say it was a first. I just figured she was exaggerating, and she wasn't very familiar with bal in the first place, though she was very nice. I believe the le dix (now first style) came out in 2001, although definitely no earlier than 2000. So the moto line can't be 10 years old yet, more like 8. Experts correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. I know it definitely came out '01 (not sure which season) so her bag can't be that old... :p
  5. From In Style magazine March 2004
    Article: forever fab
    These bags may cost a lot, but they're worth it. And they stand the test of time.

    the bag Balenciaga Lariat
    the debut Fall 2001
    the carriers Kirsten Dunst, Demi Moore, Charlotte Gainsbourg

    Other bags included are:
    Hermes Birkin Bag
    Louis Vuitton Mono Speedy
    Chanel 2.55
  6. haha....time must be flyin by for that SA.
  7. Cristobal balenciaga was the original designer of legendary renown who was born in 1914 and dressed all the hollywood stars in the 50's. he died in 72. Then the brand languished somewhat but still came out with bags and clothes through the 80's and early 90's. In 1997 at age 26, Nicolas Ghesquiere was promoted as head designer and breathed new life into the brand. He came out with a small line including the the moto bag I believe in 2000, (maybe 2001?) along with other bags and clothes and the brand gained in popularity each year, increasing production every year after the gucci group took over the brand.

    (sort of a synopsis of the wikipedia articles I just read)
  8. Ok. Wonder why on earth she said 14 years. lol
  9. Allison she probably has a bag they made in the 80's or 90's. I've seen a few of those on eBay. they look more like the older coach designs and are structured with a totally different label with inverse B's. I dont know who designed those though. actually I remember one that looked a lot like a first except it didnt have the same hardware. did it look exactly like a first?

    oh just found this interesting old article on wikipedia
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  12. Cristobal Balenciaga was a true genius, and despite the pains during the Spanish civil war, he has continued to work with passion.He was a great innovator and a friend of Pablo Picasso:heart:!
    I think that Nicolas Ghesquiere is a very gifted successor, I adore him and his creations:drool:!
  13. I have a First which I purchased in July 2001, but I know for sure that it was not the first issue as there was an earlier season and these ones had the black with gold print tags instead of the leather embossed tags. I would estimate that the first batch of lariat bags came out in 2000? maybe even 1999?
  14. i have a harper's bazaar with a pic of a le dix that's from 2000...
    i imagine if they were doing this striped one back then, that they probably were doing solid colors too...
  15. Yep, those were the Balenciaga licensed bags with double B logo...pre moto bags!

    The first of the motorcycle bags were produced in 2000, but I *think* the solid colored motor bags weren't produced until 2001.