How Often.....????

  1. I am just wondering how often all you change your lv bags. I have so many but I seem to always just use my speedy. Do you change your bags to match your clothes etc. Just curious!
  2. I change bags depending on the occasion and i usually wear the mono during the day, damier in the evening
  3. I keep 3-5 purses in my breakfast area and I can just change bags in a minute depending on what i am doing, weather and what I wear. For example now I have: Green jimmy choo, mono backpack, Leopard polly, black chanel.

    I will change up the variety about once a month.

    If I did not have them so accessible I probably would not change purses
  4. I usually always use my Batignolles Horizontal for everyday. Sometimes I'll switch to the Speedy 25 if I'm going out to dinner with friends or something and the BH will just look way too big.

    I use the pochette for going to a club/bar atmosphere where carrying a purse can be awkward.
  5. I pretty much stick to one bag as long as it goes with the situation and outfit. Right now it is my Speedy 25, which pretty much goes with everything!
  6. My damier speedy 30 is my kickin' around bag. If I'm dressing up a little, I'll switch to duomo or white mc alma. I don't really change bags that often. My first lv, PH that my husband bought in March, is hardly used anymore. I took it to open house at my son's high school this year, but it sees the inside of the closet more than anything. So sad, huh? But I still love it.
  7. between my mono speedy 30 and LH for everyday...more evening I bring out my gucci's or prada because they are smaller at least a couple of them are...
  8. I use a different bag every time I go out of the house. It depends on the occasion and the weather.
  9. I'm pretty much the same............
  10. since i am in high school :whoop::whoop: i use my vavin gm

    but like after school if we go out to eat and shop or what not the speedy comes out
    and the batignolles for dinner with the families
    and my speedy 30 for other "not that special" occasions
  11. I was down to 8 bags (all diff. brands) and I gave 4 of them to my mother just this weekend because I don't use them enough and I felt bad selling them so I only have 4 left which doesn't leave me much room to rotate!! I'm planning on starting a new LV collection, the one I did have (MM Croissant) was also given to my mother....I wasn't too crazy about it because it was a little on the small side. So sad when I look in the closet and it's so bare!!! :sad: I'll be getting a new one soon as I'm planning a shopping trip to Boston...hope to post pics then!! Probably a speedy of some sort!!
  12. I change my bags based on this order... weather, occasion, outfit.

    If I'm going out to eat & it's raining or snowing, then I definately won't be using a light colored bag... it will most likely be something Damier.
  13. I change almost everyday, to go with outfit, etc.
  14. I don't rotate that often as my collection isn't that big...My black mc alma has seen most of the world for a couple of years, I like it as it's pretty light and classy too. For smaller errands I use my black mc pochette (even though it hardly fits anything, lol); for days when I'm in a great mood and there's lots of sunshine I'll get my white mc speedy out. But currently I'm trying to use my new manhattan GM lots in order to get the patina in...:flowers:

    Basically it depends on 1) the weather, 2) the occasion, 3) my mood. I don't usually match them with my outfit.
  15. It depends on the day of the week and the weather! I usually bring the smaller, little- or no-vachetta bags to University, and on weekends I use the larger bags. If it's raining/snowing outside, I'd take my Sarria or Jasmin.