How Often?

  1. Dear ladies~ In your experience, how often do you see a customer declining an order that has come in after having waited 2 years or so?

    I'm just trying to figure out what are my chances of getting something that people have turned down ... Granted, this is wishful thinking since i don't think anyone has ordered fuchsia ostrich
  2. happens often (hence why i am for a downpayment policy) when the time occurs the bag shows up the customers don´t have the funds or whatever else. happens even more often with pop colours than with the ordinary colours as in real life some people decide nay it is not for (they like it on the small patch but a whole bag is ovrwhelming)
  3. I love pop colors in big batches~~:yes: I tend to work backwards. Most people start out with the basic colors before expanding to the pop colors, I do it the other way around. I think they really should use the down payment method. I know I'm very willing to do just that.:flowers:
  4. I don't see it too often in my store. I was told they don't take down payments because they're not worried about being able to sell the bag if it's been turned down.
  5. same her unfortunately my sa only gets weird colours or sizes on neglected orders or "pop in the stores" something like brique 40 birkin with palladium :cry: :sick:
    in fact i got offered around 10 bags since i am back in buying business and all of them have been totally wrong. my manager knew it but just wanted to be nice by offering them
  6. Eeeew, bummer.
  7. The turn-down rate is actually higher than you think. I know many people who end up letting go birkins they've ordered just because the color wasn't what they expected it to be OR like Lilach said, they were short of funds at that moment. You'll get your chance Kou, no worries! :amuse:
  8. Depends on the right day & hour when you see a customer turn down her birkin or kelly.
  9. My Birkin was offered to me after a client who special-ordered it turned it down. It turns out that after waiting for a long time, she couldn't take it at the time it arrived. I had been waiting only 2 months.
  10. ^^Same here...
  11. Kou, I have seen at least 10+ "turn down bags" this year alone...some were :amazed: "SPECIAL!!" :sick: so special:Push: they still may be in the back room,:lol: but I DID get 2 that I loved...there is hope!:flowers:
  12. I asked my SA, but it doesn't look like anyone has ordered any fuchsia ostrich in my specs that will be coming this year. There's a fuchsia ostrich Plume 28cm that came in, I don't know if it was turned down but even if it was, I wouldn't have taken it since for some odd reasons, Plume 28cm looks big on me.

    Aside from that, there doesn't seem to be anything else that's coming... My SA told me that in my neck of the woods, they rarely get anything fuchsia so pretty much any fuchsia bags that come in were special orders where people had waited years for them
  13. Kou..I am too glad we live way far apart...I love you girl, but I am wanting a fuchsia bag and I don't want competition!!! OK...I can't afford ostrich, but still!

    And by the way, no fuchsia near me either.
  14. I'll keep an eye out for the fuchsia in regular leather for you! My SAs already know that i only want exotics. The fuchsia exotics (ostrich, mainly) are now being referred to as the "Kou Color".:lol:
  15. At my local boutique, almost never. Sorry, Kou, but placing a SO there is terribly difficult. As Lilach has previously stated, they have a very limited allowance. Plus those kept (see my other thread) are usually picked up. And that's after usually waiting 2 years of course...