how often

  1. do you switch from purse to purse??

    i've seen that everyone has a nice collection & was wondering how you get to use them all..:confused1:

    i wish we could swap & borrow between us!! :idea:

    i :heart: some of the stuff you have accumulated!:drool:
  2. yeah there are some beautiful collections here. :tup: As for me, I usually sell my bag when I get a new one.. I have never had more than (gasp) two purses at a time.. but for ME I can't justify it cost wise, AND I just don't switch purses.. so I usually have one, have it for a while, find something else and sell that first one to help fund the next one.. interested to hear all these gals with lots of bags though! :yes:
  3. I try to switch my coach bags with my outfits or different occasions.
  4. i switch as need dictates. in 36 hrs, i will have switched 4 times btwn 3 diff coach bags. this is bc i m going from work, to temple, to lunch w friends in the next few days. normally though, i try not to have to switch more then once in a work wk.
  5. Just depends on the outfits. I've changed bags a few times per week, but now that fall is here I've been more consistent betwen black and brown.

  6. I really love your idea of only having a couple of bags to minimize switching. I usually switch a few times a week depending on how much I need for kids, etc. Really, though, I'd like to just have one bag for awhile and use it all the time. Much simpler. I feel like I sometimes spend too much time worrying about switching out my stuff all the time.
  7. I'm awful about switching....I need to share the love with all of my bags, but right now I just can't seem to give Carly a rest...I love her too much!
  8. I usually buy ONE bag PER SEASON (we live on Long Island, NY) and that is the bag I use througout the season.... Then when I buy the next bag, I sell the other bag to fund for the next bag and so on!!!!!! After owning about 20 something bags last year and selling most of them, I will NOT allow myself to have more than FOUR bags at a time (2 are my older duffles that I will NEVER part w/ and one is a Hamptons hobo that my hubby picked out that I will neve part w/ as well!)