How often to you switch the bag you're wearing....

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  1. Do you carry the same one for weeks and weeks or for an entire season, or do you swap out based on the outfit you're wearing each day, or do you change bags weekly? When I was younger and carried smaller bags I used to change based on my outfit but now that I'm in my (late) 30's I seem to *need* to carry so much stuff so I tend to stick to the same bag for several weeks before switching out to something else. I'm guessing that I switch roughly every 6 weeks or so -- I say this because at my last hair appt my stylist commented that I have a new bag every time I go in to see her.

    I'd always figured once I bought my first LV I'd probably use it for months and months and months without a break...only time will tell since I'm getting ready to make my first purchase sometime soon.

    How often do you switch out what bag you're using?
  2. Usually daily or every few days, except the first week I get a new bag, then she gets used everyday :smile:
  3. It gets switched out depending on what I'm wearing that day....and the weather!
  4. I switch out depending on my mood and what I'm wearing.
  5. I generally change up my bags every few months, but sometimes I'll wear a certain bag depending on my outfit and the occasion.
  6. i ususally use one bag for the majority of the time (saleya mm right now). if i am just running out, or going to the park, then i put my wallet/agenda, phone, etc., in my tambourin or mini pochette. in the spring/summer weather, i will use another 'dominant' bag/bags and use the smaller ones as needed, too!
  7. Sometimes every day, sometimes every few weeks - depends what mood I'm in - and how late I'm running for work!
  8. I usually carry one bag per season, but lately I have been switching bags like crazy!! I was never that kind of personb before but I can't help it!! I just grab one that suits me for that day!!

  9. I switch bags daily! I'm a student, so most days a carry a (different) tote bag, and I'll use a small pochette or similarly sized bag inside my tote. When I'm not going to school I choose a bag based on the amount of junk I need to carry and what outfit/coat I'm wearing :yes:
  10. Every few days.. I generally carry my pochette sized bags though so it's fast and easy !
  11. Every day or every other day. I like to give all of my bags a chance to go out!!!:wlae:
  12. Depends on the mood..normally I have about 4 different bags on top of the dresser as easy access..I rotate from there instead of venture around the closet anytime I need to change the bag..

    I love when I fall in love all over again with my "old' bag..nice feeling..
  13. I travel for my job so I ususally find myself switching bags because of that. Usually its every week.
  14. I like to use one bag until the vachetta has patina'ed to a nice honey color. My BH looks great, and so does my Mezzo. But now, my LH is still brand new looking, so I'm gonna break my new baby in!
  15. Now that I have a few different colors, I find I am changing every couple of days, and loving it!! It's so much fun to use my different bags. I use all the same things in each bag so I just take the stuff out of one and throw it in the other.