How often to do switch your Chanel purses?

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  1. As my purse collection grows and grows...darling BF asked the other day, why do you even bother buying more? You always use the sames ones. And at first I was appauled by such a silly question, :wtf:but now I started thinking. I do have my favorites...and don't change bags that often. Usually because I am in a hurry, and don't have time.

    But how often do you change/switch your hand bags?
  2. it is a huge hassle for me bc i am obsessive about everything in my bag matching...meaning i can't just throw everything into the next bag and go. i have to switch over wallets, key case makeup case. bc of this, i do it once every other week or so...:sweatdrop:
    now, since chanel is so new to me, i only have one wallet, keycase and makeup case, so i will hopefully switch and change more liberally and more often...;)
  3. Every day sometimes. But I am not changing wallets etc.
  4. I use one bag/month (may vary it for a special occasion) and it's based on color.
    For example. Feb is Burgundy month. SO.....I use my Bordeaux Twiggy, burgundy Prada glasses, burgundy band on my Techno watch, toenails stay burgundy the entire month, and for the entire month there has to be burgundy somewhere in the clothes I wear.:P
  5. Good q's! I don't change often and when I have a new bag, I tend to be obsessive about it for a few months.
  6. I change a couple times a week but i usually don't change my wallet, makeup bag,etc...the only time I change my wallet is if I am using a smaller bag that my wallet doesn't fit into...
  7. For work, I change 2-3 times a week, depending on my outfit and the size bag I need. I always use the same wallet and usually the same makeup bag which makes it easier. For evening outings I tend to take a completely different bag than the one I took to work (usually a smaller one).
  8. Same here...reason why i haven't taken my bag out yet,,,she needs a matching wallet!
  9. I am sometimes lazy.
    But I try to change as often as I that I can use all my bags.

    The wallets are sometimes a bother. Big wallets can't fit into the smaller bags.
    And when I change, I just 'pour' everything from one bag to another... including the 'rubbish'!

    Cassidyfit1, very interesting! ;) Dressing to color of the month.
  10. I carry a different bag every day. Someone suggested on TPF awhile back that at the end of each day, she puts all of her items in an LV box in her closet and restuffs her bag and puts it in it's sleeper home/dust bag. That's what I do every day as well. I treat it as I do my shoes. I put them in their box, as well.
  11. One bag a week.
  12. I change bags every day, unless I got a new one, then I might use that one for one week straight...before I switch out of it.
  13. oh, every day! i love them so much, i make sure they all get their chance to shine and no one stays on my purse shelf for too long! sometimes, i change twice in one day, for example carry one until afternoon, then switch (while still out and about - car is also a purse changing area LOL)
  14. I usually change two or three times each week. Although, I've had my GST for over two weeks and I haven't changed out of it yet. I really love it and wish I had one in each color.

    I used to change all of the accessories, but I don't do it anymore. I don't have time to do it.
  15. I change according to my outfit!!!