How often should you get facials?

  1. How often should you get facials? One place I use to go to tells me once every change of season. This new spa I go to tells me ever 3 weeks, is this too much?
  2. If my skin is misbehaving (as it is now) I go 3 weeks between. If its doing all right I'll go every 5. I think it depends on what your skin needs more than anything.
  3. I think facial is something that you should do continuously to get a full result. My esthetician recommended to do facial once every 3 to 4 weeks.
  4. ^ takes 30 days for your cells to turn over..Love them!!
  5. once a month for a delux facial is recommended (including exfoliating, deep cleansing, facial massages and etc). a mini/express facial in between if your skin isn't feeling so well.

  6. That seems like to much to me :confused1:
  7. Once a month is recommended for best results but if that is too much for you, then once every season change is a must. Our skin changes with the weather so it's good to go for facials to get the proper product recommendation.
  8. it's only a guideline because people's skin "renews" every 28days, it can vary depending on diet, lifestyle and so on. if it is too much for you then maybe try once every 6weeks?
  9. yea I was recommended once a month as well but I haven't been good about it cuz it's $$ :s
  10. It really depends on your particular skin and it's condition. I currently go when the seasons change and I start to get dry patches (that's how I know it's time to go), the esthetician I go to will analyze my skin and review the products I've been using and tell me what I should switch out or start using, etc, etc...
  11. I go once per month which is what my salon, that specializes in faces only (no body waxing, etc), recommends.
  12. What exactly is a facial? *feels stupid* What do they do etc? xx
  13. My skin is so oily and maybe I go too often, but usually twice a month for me. My skin looses its luster and looks dull to me otherwise.
  14. ^a facial is : cleaning your skin (steam to open pores, cleanse, massage, extract black heads), applying a special treatment or masks according to your skin, and moisturize.
    It´s nice to have it done profesionally some time to time, bc they see what your skin needs, or use glycolic acids (which sometimes is only used in salons), and those black heads !!!

    My dermatologist also said once a month, I was like "really ???????" (I thought she wanted more business), but 80-100$ is too much for me.
    So I go once every 3 months.
  15. ah right, cheers! Lol, maybe ill go get one