How often should you exfoliate?


Jan 27, 2008
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Recently I decided to buy St Ives Apricot scrub to exfoliate my face, but I was wondering if I was over exfoliating.

I've been using it twice a day (morning and night) and my skin feels great and so smooth after I use it. But I have also heard that you shouldn't exfoliate your skin too often. Sooo I was wondering if using it day and night is too much for my skin? Or is the scrub gentle enough to use twice a day?

I did search around for answers and got a lot of mixed answers. :sweatdrop:
I'm also new to these skincare regimens so please forgive me if this question is a bit strange.

So how often should I exfoliate?

And if it helps, here's a teensy bit of info on my skin
- I have oily skin, mostly on my forehead and nose
- I had bad acne, but I'm almost clear of it!
- I drink a lot of water to keep my skin hydrated



Whiskey in a Teacup
Oct 31, 2007
Orange County
Be careful with using too much of the Apricot scrub too often, it's too harsh to be using 2 times per day.

You really only need exfoliation once per day, and that's if you are using something along the lines of Angels on Bare Skin by LUSH, which is a gentle exfoliant (anything that feels like you are putting oatmeal on your skin would be in the same category).

I also use MAC's Volcanic Ash, and that's only 2-3 times a week, if that.


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Apr 25, 2006
If you have extremely oily skin like I do where excess sebum produces a thick buildup, it's fine to use once or twice daily. Make sure to use plenty of water with the exfoliating cream on an already warm-dampened face in the shower. You're fine with St. Ives because the grains are not too hard and I remember some kind of emollient in the St. Ives. I personally found it too greasy but it was perfect for my friend.

I have excess sebum and finally found my own solution over the years. I actually use an exfoliation product much stronger than St. Ives every day. It works for me because my sebum buildup is so extreme, my complexion literally becomes shades darker when I do not exfoliate daily.


Jan 12, 2007
Tampa, Florida
I exfoliate 2-3 times/week and I do a mask once/week but I wash my face with the Clarsonic when Im not exfoliating that day..
Apr 14, 2008
I do it every night too, I use Carol's Daughter SweetHoneDipChocolateBrownSugah Scrub
Love the way it makes my skin feel!


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
I exfoliate with the same scrub every morning. I do it very gently, and it doesn't dry out my skin at all.