how often should we exfoliate?

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  1. I use a face-wash tissue with little circles on it to exfoliate and I do it every night after i brush my teeth...

    just wondering if exfoliating once per day is too much?
  2. I exfoliate twice a day...for me that's the st. ives apricot scrub and I just focus on the t-zone, gently.
  3. My face at lease 4 times a week, my body once a week in Fall and Winter.
    In warmer months twice a week for my face and about twice a month on my body.
  4. i thought exfoliating too much is bad for your skin? except, i'm not really sure how often is too much...

    i wash my face with a gentle cleanser twice daily... but i exfoliate at least 3 times a week.
  5. i use proactiv to keep my skin nice and clear. i use their scrub/face wash usually once a day in the mornings. when i feel like i might break out (like around that time of the month) i'll use it twice a day. this is followed by the toner and lotion, then an oil free moisturizer.
  6. I exfoliate at least 3x/week at night.
  7. Don't over exfoilate. Your skin can't keep up with all that abrasivness! Depending on your skin type- I say oily/combin 3-4x's a week is ok. But if you have sensitized skin, only do it like once a week but gently.

    Too much exfoliating with rough scrubs will hurt it long term. As good and clean as the St Ives feels after an exfoliation, IMO, The St Ives is not the best b/c of its sharp forumula. Find an exfoliant that had smooth round beads.Those won't harm your skin in the long run.
  8. I really believe it depends on your skin and what it can/should take. I for one tend to be really oily in the t-zone and have an olive complexion and lots of melanin in my skin (I am dark complected) so I exfoliate whenever my skin starts to look dull and only then.
  9. twice a week for me, and i have sensitive combo skin.

    i dont think my skin can take anything more than that.
  10. I use a Clinique gentle exfoliator at night ranging from every other day to 3 times per week. Overexfoliating can stimulate more oil production from your glands.
  11. i actually do have a pretty oily skin...besides, if i don't exfoliate for 2 skin is flaking (i think that's the word)... meaning i have mini skin particules basically falling apart. is that normal?

    here is what i do at night : put water on face, exfoliate with wash cloth, wash face with 5% BP soap (for acne), let it dry then apply neutrogena clear pore 2% salicylic acid overnight thing

    in the morning : just wash off the clear pore thing with water
  12. i'm not too sure, but i thought the salicylic acid makes your skin peel? so maybe that's why it might be flaking if you don't exfoliate.
    i heard that if you don't get enough moisture in your skin, it could also cause breakouts (cause it causes the glands to secret more oils). has anyone else heard this? i don't want to be giving the wrong information here :smile: