How often is too often to visit your LV store?

  1. I had my first LV a year ago, it was only Jan this year that I started obsessing about LV.

    It doesn't help that the LV store is 15mins walk away from my office!!!

    early-Jan, went to get the Pomme Vernis French Purse and Lexington
    mid-Jan, went to change the Lexington for the Perle Roxbury
    late-Jan, went to get Azur mini pochette
    early-Feb, went to get Damier mini pochette, and few days later went to view the pink diaper bag...

    And today, I'm thinking of going to get a Red Epi Speedy

    Do you think the SA would think I'm nuts? Even I think I'm nuts...

    I hope this phase passes soon, or I'd be broke! I figure it will end when I finally get the Pomme Heart.

    Anyone else think you visit the LV store too often? :p
  2. I really don't get to visit too often... i live about an hour away from the New Orleans Saks and I'm always so busy. I only get to go maybe once every 2 months!!! I don't think you go too much! Your lucky!!!
  3. Hahaha... Thats a good sign. I hope you are getting to know ONE SA in particular so you can get in their good books and be invited to VIP events!!

    Hmmm.. to be honest, i;m thinking that the security guards and door men are recognising me too :shame:
  4. Lol I usually go about once a week when I have school since I'm so close to my store.
    I haven't been in though for a little bit (since the day the Coeurs came out).
  5. I go one or twice a month--but more recently and they think I am nuts bad that they recognize me outside of LV, ask me why I am not using this bag or that bag...and the manager even told me to stop buying bags.

    So don't worry, you're not too nuts.
  6. I'm only near my boutique one week out of the year so while I'm there I go at least 4 times :shame:
  7. Really? :wtf:
  8. Right now, I haven't visited, but during summer, I went a lot! lol!
  9. I usually pop in about once or twice a week because South Coast Plaza is on the way home for me from my internship. Although now I add in stopping by Bottega Veneta and Hermes as I am now getting into those two brands more.. :graucho:
  10. Yup! I guess I went there one time too many in the month of December. I saw one manager in Lesportsac looking at Tokidokis so now when I go into LV she asks me where my Tokidoki is. The SA that I bought my Damier Speedy 25 asks me why I am not using it. Another SA asks me, "Where's your daughter today? and another one says, "Back again?"

    They def. think I am nuts. Oh well....
  11. At least once a month and up to five times a month. Depends on what's out and what's coming out. I think I talk to my SA over the phone more than I visit the store.
  12. Woo! Thanks folks :smile: I feel all so normal now :biggrin:
    You guys are just the best support group ever!
  13. I think if you know all your s.a.'s first- and last names, their birthdays and have seen/touched/tried on the entire inventory of a boutique you have visited too often.
    No seriously, more than once a week, or one visit&one call per week is too much in my opinion, everything else borders on stalking.
  14. lol sounds like me (during my hyperactive-LV periods)! My university's a 5 mins walk from ya, usually after a big break or start of a new semester, there's not much work to do, so i end up going there VERY often... but on average I'd say that I go to the store 1-2 times per month
  15. i went in there as often as this forum post some delicious goodies, lol. but more at least once a month i suppose?