how often does ur swingpack come out and play

  1. just curious- how often do u get to use ur swingpack? i m loving the new legacy one but it is like $300 CDN or more. (gotta go to holts and check) seems like a lot for a casual travel bag. when do u realyl get to use it (besides trips?) running errands etc? just seems like a lot for something that wouldnt b v functional for everyday use.
  2. I use mine at least a couple times a week. They are so perfect for stay at home moms like me. They work great for play dates at the park, grocery shopping and any other small trips around town when all I need is my cell phone, wallet, sunglasses and a few other small things. Honestly, it's one of my favorite Coach pieces just becase I use it so much!
  3. I feel bad, I hardly use my swingpack anymore. :sad:
    The most use it has seen is when I first purchased it.

    When purchasing something I always think about how practical the item is and how much do I love it! If you think you will use it then get it.:smile:
  4. i m loving the legacy one!
  5. rarely. I only use it in the late fall/winter, cuz I consider mine a winter bag. It can't hold too much, so I usually find myself carrying my small hobo or a bigger bag from another designer. I feel bad cuz it's so cute, but it's not too practical for me, especially since I take a waterbottle almost everywhere.
  6. Since I got mine last week, I've been using it everyday! I had a car accident 2 months ago and have had severe back pain. My Carly was just too heavy to use right now. The swingpack is so light it's perfect. It definitely requires me to carry just the basics but it's great. My back pain is much better since I'm not lugging around a huge bag (though I miss carrying Carly :crybaby: )
  7. I just got the Legacy in Whiskey and it's just awesome!!

    I saw a gal at the boutique in the NYC store wearing a swingpack around her waist like a belt and it looked SOOO cool! I tried it and love it that way (will be awesome for travel like that). It's a little loose around my waist but slouches just fine. Try it like that for a different look.

    I would use it for an every day bag but I'm not into large purses so it's fine for me. The front pocket is plenty big for a cell phone with room for other things. There's a zippered pocket behind that that only goes down half way but great for money, ID card holder, etc... The main pocket is nice and deep and holds all the rest of my "junk".
  8. I'm in the same delima. I love the new Legacy swingpack and if I bought it, this would be my first swingpack but I'm not sure it would be used very often. I'm a stay-home-mom but I have a toddler who is potty-training and he is ALWAYS with me. No way I could run to the store or a playdate with just my wallet and keys. I think the only time I could use this is for shopping at the mall when I'm by myself (rare event) or for traveling...ummmmmm.... not sure its worth the $$$ for me....think I'd rather use that $$ towards a bigger bag but everyone and everyone's needs are different so if you think it would be used more often, by all it! Its very cute! :yes:
  9. I hate to say that I rarely use mine. I have the sig stripe one in punch, and I've worn it maybe 4 times since I bought it back in Feb/March. Since I don't use it I've thought about selling it, but I can't bear to let it go.
  10. I havent gotten one yet, but I want the new one that just came out and I would like the indigo patchwork one.

    Its a bag I would only carry on weekends. Too casual for bringing to work.
  11. I only use it when I go to an amusement park. So, not often.
  12. I like to use mine when we go to the movies...enough room for cell, keys, $$. Can't sneak in snacks, though...
  13. When I got mine about 2 months ago, I used it everyday. Then BAM no use lol. I actually forgot I had it until this past tuesday, when i took it to Unversal Studios. I really do love it, and need to use it more
  14. I used it a ton when I was in FL, but during my normal routine, not so much. I don't like the look of them when they bulge too much and I need more "things" in my day to day life. One of them is coming out next week though when I go to a scrapbook show.
  15. I agree because I have 2 small kids myself. It's the perfect bag for running quick errands. I also like the fact that I could be hands free and shoulders free when wearing the swingpack that way I have a easier time caring for my kids. I have the Hamptons Weekend one in black and hang a keychain on it. I would like to get the Legacy one or a signature one.