how often does tiffany hike their prices up? would you sell or hold on to?


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
west coast envy
I have been planning on letting go my RTT heart tag bracelet on the account of the newer thinner chain bracelets that are out. But a friend told me hold onto it because Tiffany will continue to hike and hike their prices.. but won't it cap off soon? Will they continue to go up and not only retain but grow in value?
May 29, 2010
Tiffany once a year raises the prices of certain pieces. They do not raise the prices on all their jewelry, however. The resale value on the Return to Tiffany pieces are high for silver, but they are not particually high. You are much better off keeping the bracelet and adding charms to it or buying a new chain. Enjoy the bracelet that you have, because it is beautiful.


Jun 20, 2006
You shouldn't view it as an investment piece. Tiffany prices have gone up a lot, especially on their silver but the days of their huge increases on silver are over and now they are back to a gradual % each year. I'd sell the bracelet now if you want to get rid of it.