How often does Sak's do the GC Event?

  1. I missed the last event:crybaby: DOes anyone know how often Sak's does this? I am on a ban until the next only make sense.
  2. Lately they seem to do it once a month -- I know they had a gift card one-day event in Dec-06, Jan-07 and Feb-07. Not sure if this will continue, but I hope so!
  3. I heard they're going to continue doing it once a month.
  4. it is the 3rd Thurs of the month.

  5. Ooo..that's good news!
    Anyone remember the amounts?
  6. :wtf: :wtf: This could be very dangerous.....well to my credit card at least.:p
  7. I think it's $25 for each $250 you spend.
  8. Thanks!:yes:
  9. I don't think that's correct.

    The more you spend the more you get. As I recall anything over $3,000 and you get $450 gift card.
  10. It is a great time to buy Chanel or other high ticket items that you have been craving.
    The numbers I remember are:
    1000-1999 = $150 gift card
    2000-2999 = $300 gc
    3000 & up = $450
  11. Every month?!
  12. do you need to use a Saks credit card to get the gift card?? Or can you use any form of payment.. other credit cards/cash/etc??
  13. ^Any form of paymt is fine
  14. ohh okay..thanks! :yes: