How often does NM do 4-day sale? I'm waiting for the next one

  1. hi,
    this is my first time seeing Neiman Marcus having 4 day sale which was good deal on a lot of things..i was wondering how often do they do this and will they do it anytime soon? if so, when? thx
  2. I've been shopping their site avidly for about 7 years and this was the first 4 day sale I've seen.
  3. Yup...this was the first time I have seen this type of sale as well. Wonder what are they going to do with all of the bags they have on their website? Will they all go to a Last Call retail location? Hmm:upsidedown:

  4. I was in the Atlanta NM last week to check out their Last Call leftovers and they had sent them all off to other stores. So then I stopped at the Last Call at Discover Mills...and they hadn't received any of them. So they must have sent them out west to stores where their sales start later than ours. The only ones I saw that were sale bags-were 2 Marc Jacobs in a pinkish shade and one Mulberry Bayswater with the butterfly pattern on the front. And one fringed red Frye bag-smallish in size. All of these were an additional 35% off. :rolleyes:
  5. How did you find out? I never received an email about a 4 day sale. Do you have a link to it? Would anyone be so kind to post it? Many thanks...
  6. The sale is already over, it was a few weeks ago. And it was just on NM's website, no special link.
  7. Oh...ok. Thanks for clearing that up for me.