How often does H introduce new colors? Any new ones on horizon?

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  1. Hello!

    How often does Hermes introduce new colors? Are there any new colors that are on the horizon?

    Just busy daydreaming at work:rolleyes:
  2. I don't know, but my store is going to call me when a Lindy in a colour Rosey(sp) comes in. Has anyone heard of Rosey? (sp) It is not rose shocking or rose dragee . I am hoping it is a vibrant pink, or I will take a pass

  3. its already out here and there: its a medium saturation dusty pink--like a classic tea rose
  4. When I visited the Vegas store, the nice looking SA showed me the new swatches for 2008. I thought all the colors were appealing. There were around 6-8 new colors, one being the poissiere color I choose for my Birkin.

  5. so what is poissiere like?
  6. whats the "poissiere" look like?
  7. "poissiere" in clemence is a greenish sand color. I liked it. There is at least 3 different beige colors that were darker than parchment coming out and i liked all of em.
  8. Actually I am pretty sure that there are several threads around here talking about the new Spring-Summer 2008 colors...I will try to search for them and see what I can find. At least one of them has color swatches albeit small.

    What I can remember are:
    curry--just what it sounds like
    griolet--greyed pale smoky violet
    rouge piment--amazing deep blue toned red
    lagoon/lagu--very saturated and bright turquoise

    ummm and there are a bunch of greens, browns and greenish yellow golds. LOL I can't remember the rest off the top of my head!
  9. Thanks Cynthia, I will pass on Rosey. I think rouge piment and lagoon are more me.
  10. There are some STUNNING colors coming out. I saw the swatches, but I can not remember the names for the life of me!
  11. WOW! That is a lot of new colors! Griolet...sounds interesting. I'm not usually a violet person but i'm anxious to see this. And arouge piment - I love anything red.
  12. Curry sounds like a vibrant color. Should I be thinking its like a Madras Curry or more Saffron tinged?
    Thanks for sharing.
  13. I found an old thread about rouge piment and AirMess posted these little color swatches. I have no clue what any of them are though. But thought i'd attach the pic;)

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  14. ^ that blue - is it Lagon or Paon? My SA described Lagon as "dull", but I don't believe him......
  15. I think that is Lagon (sp??) but I really am not sure. It looks like the Lagon swatch I saw in person anyway.

    In that set of swatches posted by mnpurselover, I believe from left to right they are curry, lagon, ??, ??, griolet, ??. I'm sorry, I can't remember the names of the greenish ones because they looked scary on me, LOL, and the reddish one in that pic is NOT rouge piment--it's a lot more like brique but with more pink in it.

    ElizabethK, I don't know the diff really between Madras curry and saffron! It's more dull than bright to my eye anyway--not like Jaune which was a true primary yellow, if that helps.