How often does Gucci have a big sale like they just did?

  1. thanks!
  2. Twice a year? Once in June, once in December.
  3. ^^^ Exactly.. The pre-sale usually starts late June and Late Nov.
  4. ^^^ Yup and I can't wait for the fall sale!
  5. i can't wait for the fall sale. I need more boots.
  6. I just really want to know if the gunmetal items are going to o on sale... most of them are internet exclusives. I want the wedges and that scarf soo bad!
  7. I hope the silver Guccissima small hobo will be on sale. It's sooooooooo cute! Also the platino line, would love to get an abbey...:crybaby: Oh well, one could always dream.
  8. I can't wait for the next sale too. I want to get... a princy tote, duchessa hobo, abbey shoulder bag, signoria hobo, and royal hobo.

    What usually goes on sale? The older bags, the leather ones, or the floral pattern ones? Do they ever put the newer bags that are in the current season on sale?
  9. nothing older(classic) is going 2 be on sale... some of the fall/winter items and the cruise line will go on sale! they will be launching the new cruise line soon as well.
  10. Gucciabbey~ those are cute! I bought the higher portofinos that strap around the ankle and they are more than 4 inches!!! I love high heels though!
  11. I can't wait for the nex sale! Ok then, MUST save up for the Fall sale! yipee!
  12. The sale happens in Singapore about twice a year, in june and december. But usually its about 30%. It rarely goes above that. ;)
  13. I have just been in Hamburg it was sale on Gucci 30-50 % off. Ofcourse I bought a wallet :biggrin: I love it :smile:
  14. As I keep mentioning, Europe works a bit differently than North America, their sales are amazing, as in the boutiques in Italy having their 30-50% off sales right now on all brands.