How often does Gucci go on sale?

  1. Is it only at the end of the season? If it is, it's going to be a while before this season's things go on sale, huh?
  2. it's usually at the end of the season. but here in our country, there are guccis on sale all the time.. :smile:
  3. their next sale is the first week of june.
  4. here in Italy the sales are only at the end of the season, and not all the articles go on sale...unfortunatly...
  5. Oh really ?! Gotta get my credit cards ready for some spending ! :lol:
  6. Thanks ladies! I can't wait!
  7. At The EOS Sales ~ Great Prices On Bags & Shoes
  8. o yeah, now I have to lay off the credit cards ! hehe
  9. In Gucci boutique normally from June to July
    and November to December.
  10. Oh, so it's like their semi-annual sales huh?
  11. What's EOS?

    And if anyone knows, how much percentage is usually taken off of their original items during the sale?
  12. usually less than 20% from what I have seen
  13. Are you serious? the Gucci boutiques will have a sale in june july? wow, im excited!! i know nm has sales, but by the time i see Gucci they are all out! Anyone know if the Houston Gucci store at the Galleria has good sales? i just moved here...
  14. I bought a gucci over Christmas and it was more than 20% off. I think most of them get discounted more as the sale comes to an end.
  15. Depends on whether it's leather or the gucci canvas. The leather bags are generally discounted at a larger percentage than the gucci canvas bags. I bought one earlier this year from the gucci boutique and it was around 40% off. A similar style in gucci canvas was around 25% off.