How often do you....

  1. I'm curious....How often in 1 month do you
    -visit your local store?​
    -call your SA?​
  2. Hmm, let's see...

    1. 5-6 times a month
    2. Zero - I always just go see her - lol!
  3. 1. once every week or once every two weeks, depends!
    2. haven't had a need to call an SA yet ^_^
  4. i stop by the H store almost every week. yeah, i need help definitely.......
  5. Zero.
  6. I tend to go in waves. Like in the past few weeks been in like 5 times. Then I will stay out awhile.

    I call when I need stuff and my SA will just call me when neat stuff comes in to look at. like yesterday they got a 35cm croc birkin with diamonds and my SA new I would never buy it...but wanted to know if I wanted to come hold it and see it since they do not come in much!
  7. I guess I need to get help too...:shame:
    I do the 'rounds' my out of town SA's once a week...(at least), and visit local stores about twice a month...
  8. I was going in once a week, but then I started feeling self-conscious about it, imagining the SA's thinking "oh here she is again!" I'm trying to scale back to maybe once every two weeks. It's better on the savings account as well.
  9. As I don't live near one, I do everything by phone. I definitely hit the H-store whenever I travel.

    Fortunately/unfortunately, I pretty much speak with my SA on a weekly basis--be it me calling her to ask her to find something for me, or her telling me about something that I might like. :smile:
  10. Every weekend
    Never...just wait til I see her in person
  11. I am a couple hours away so I tend to call every 2-3 weeks or less depending on what I am in need of at the time.
  12. I'm in the same boat as you orchids!:smile: I used to bloody make the trip back and forth about once a fortnite but I just could NOT keep that up.:sleepy: So, it's pretty much a weekly basis phone chat either me or my SA doing the dialing.
  13. 0
    ..Hopefully it will change when they open up here!
  14. Zero and Zero here too.... I'm about 45 minutes away...and it's a day trip because KoP is just too fabulous!!!!!
  15. It depends on mood, desire, NEED....:p

    I'd call, at most, a couple of times a month on average but I have intense bursts, when I'm "on the hunt". So visits to the store are on the same basis.

    At the same time, I get calls when something comes in that the store thinks may interest me or when it's something new/special .. or a repair I have to pick up ...:smile: ... so that can be anywhere from once a month to a few times a month.