How often do you

  1. Use your white bags?

    I am thinking of investing in a white handbag (Chanel of course) and I was just wondering how often you all use yours.

    I have a lot of black so I need to branch out and get some colour in my collection!

  2. Anyone?
  3. If you live out in the east,we usually wait till easter to break out with the spring colors(white). Spring and summer seems to be the trend out here . During the winter,not many carry a white purse. If you live in warm weather all the time,I haven't a clue. Hope this helps.
  4. I've had my white timeless clutch since last June and I've only used it once. I know I should use it more, but most of the time, the bright white is a little too much contrast to what I'm wearing - and I do wear bright colors! I'm definitely going to try to use it more this year because I love the bag. I also have an off-white lambskin bag I have used much more because the color is a little more muted and easier to match.
  5. I live in Arizona so my response is a bit skewed of course, but here I use it all year! it looks great against a black suit or grey suit with a white blouse underneath, it really pops! but I wear them casual as well, but I do seem to wear them when it's sunny, not cloudy! Wierd huh? I have a white jumbo caviar flap with S/H and a white GST with S/H. Frankly my white jumbo GST is my favorite of all my chanel bags, even more so than my reissues! It just screams style in a quiet way! I think it's a great next addition frankly if you have black already!
  6. I use mine year round.
  7. I live in England so its not very sunny at all here, but in the summer i do feel that a black bag is to "heavy" a colour.
  8. here are modeling pics of my white GST and jumbo caviar flap, sorry they are a wee bit fuzzy!
    IMG_0004a.JPG IMG_0025.JPG
  9. I totally agree. although not to stray from chanel but I just got the Louis Vuitton Mahina XL in black for summer since it's unstructured and so lightweight, which is the first bag I have ever wanted to carry in summer! jsut food for thought!
  10. Spring/Summer and on clear, sunny days in Fall/Winter
  11. Oh do you have a pic of your LV?
  12. here you can also jump to the lv forum and look under the Mahina Club for better modeling pics. But I still LOVE my chanel white caviar bags for summer...this would be if you wanted a black lightweight summer bag!
  13. Nice! Thanks :flowers:
  14. Im waiting for spring to use my white Jumbo, I cannot wait as it will be my first time using it - hurry up sunshine ;)
  15. Madonna is photographed in London quite often carrying this bag, not that that influenced me, but I know folks in London dress like New yorkers and wear black in summer, every time I visit London, I laugh at the americans wearing bright colors and wearing white sneakers :rolleyes: