How often do you?

  1. How often do you change purses?

    I just did a count and I have 22 purses. I do try to change my bag out every few days. But of course there are many that have not seen the light of day forever.

    I was thinking maybe changing daily and not repeating until I have used everyone at least once.

    So my question is do most of you stick to one bag for a while or change it up? And how often do you change?
  2. I change daily if not every two or three days... that might include wallets too, have been carrying my perle agenda for several months, but it's about to need changing too!
  3. At least once a week. I think it's fun. I make an attempt to stay "seasonal", but I'm not that rigid about it.
  4. Whenever I feel like it. I have a lot of different colored bags (off-white, purple, blue . . .) so it depends on what I think will look best with what I am wearing.

    Ever since I got my mono speedy though, my other purses have been waiting patiently. It almost feels sacri-religious to cover her with her dustbag. Unless of coursse I am switching her out for another LV . . . hehehe
  5. lol I wasn't sure what this thread was about from the title!

    I don't change my bags too often anymore. I have a TON of bags but only a couple of LV and they are all I use these days! I switch between my baggy pm and my speedy all the time but I never use any other. I swear once you use LV you just can't go back to any other - at least I can't. It's weird to use any other bag but my LV's.
  6. every week!
  7. I change bags almost every day depending on where/what i'm doing!
  8. I usually change once a week.
  9. mmm...most of the time i change once a week or every friday and saturday i change bags for sure.
  10. It depends on what I am wearing. Every day I decide what bag to use depending upon my outfit. Sometimes I need to change my bag, sometimes not.
  11. I change mine every day.

    I have such a great collection. I want them to be seen! I only carry a wallent, agenda, cosmetic case. keys and my phone so it's really easy and takes no time at all!
  12. I change bags either everyday or every other day.
  13. I matcch my outfit or the weather so the timeframes vary
  14. I change daily, depending on what I'm doing, if it's supposed to rain, what I'm wearing, etc.
  15. I change my handbag sometimes up to twice a day it all depens on what I am wearing, it has to go according with the outfit, if its casual or dressy.....If i go out dinning and I need a clutch I just take out of my bag a few things, like wallet and lipgloss oh, blotting papers(can't live without those)....I have fun doing that....:okay: