how often do you

  1. purchase a new lv bag? I would say i do every 4-5 months :smile:
  2. every month (or so it would seem :shame:smile:
  3. I have been purchasing an accessory every month. It has been awhile since I have purchased a bag. Actually, I have four bags, and I am quite content with them.
  4. My purchases since November (when I bought my first bag) average out to a bag and an accessory per month, but I don't think I will continue to purchase a bag every month. There's only 2 bags left that I'd really like to have and my interest is waning. I think I've found a new obssession.:happydance:
  5. usually only 2-3 per year but sometimes i go nuts depending on what lines come out and if i visit tPF more often, i tend to buy more. :blink: for example, i bought 4 this month! *gulp* but there isn't much i really want at the very moment so hopefully it won't be too crazy after this.
  6. Wow I wish I could buy a new LV handbag as much as you guys. I just got one in November and hoping maybe (fingers crossed) for another one this spring or summer. I have 3 kids so my money usually goes to other things.
  7. It's been about once a month and lately every other week:shocked: . I wish I could be content with every 6 months but TPF hasn't helped:graucho:
  8. Umm depends on how much money left do I have lol...Im not really good at saving tho' so a bit hard
  9. Well, since joining tpf it's been 4 bags and 6 accessories. (2 bags are other brands-everything else is LV) Hopefully my obsession will simmer a bit and I can go back to buying a few a year.
  10. random....usually i would say about 4 times a year?
    i switch it around with other designers also.
  11. I used to get a lot more but now there isn't really anything I'm dying to have. I'm more into the accessories now. So since the beginning of the year, I've bought:
    *2 Bubble rings
    *Pomme and Perle heart coin purses
    *Pomme Inclusion Speedy keyring
    *Pomme Inclusion ring
    *Beige Inclusion ring

    And now I'm waiting for my SA to call me today about my Pomme Inclusion bracelet but I'm not holding out much hope for that, seeing as how things have been going with them lately.
  12. I would be able to probably buy a bag every 2 months if I didn't love to shop so much....I don't own any cc's so it takes me a while to save up. When the seasons change it's really hard for me to save because I want to buy a whole new wardrobe-I get sick of my clothes more so than my bags! I am hoping to do another purchase in a month or two though because of tax refunds/bonus paycheck in May. Woo Hoo!! :smile:
  13. every 2-3 months, but it really depends... sometimes, there'll be a bunch of things on my wish list and other times there really isnt' anything i'm lusting after
  14. Depends on what I like and how much I have...
  15. On average about every 4-6 months. It depends though. Sometimes I'll buy 2 bags in one month and then not buy another one for 9 months.