How often do you wear your silver pumps?

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  1. Do you have silver pumps?

    What do you wear them with?

    Where do you wear them?

    How often do you wear them?

    Do you think they are trendy or a classic?

    How long do you think they will be in style?

    How does the metallic leather wear?

    I have fallen in love with the Jimmy Choo Anouks in the fashion bloggers' pics. I'm not going to buy the Choos, but I found these with a rounder toe, and I would like to wear them with casual outfits (I think....):


    Do you think the rounder toe works on the silver pump?

  2. I used to have a pair of patent shimmery gray pumps, they could have been called dark silver. I wore them all of the time, mainly with gray pants that I owned. They are a great neutral and go w/ a lot as long as they don't have a mirror finish. Those w/ a mirror or chromed finish are much harder to coordinate w/ things.
  3. I love silver pumps but I don't really have any round toe pumps but I think if you want to do round toe it looks better in black or a dark color?
  4. here are a couple of examples of my silver shoes and outfits Hope that helps.
  5. Thank you all for your comments!

    I think I'll have to see them IRL to decide.
  6. I have two pairs of Manolo BBs in silver (one for work and one for home). I wear them almost every day. Silver can be considered a neutral.
  7. I have the silver Manolo Sedarbys. They sit in their box in my closet. I wish I had gotten plain pumps instead -- they seeem way more versatile.
  8. Bump!

    It's been over a year and I finally ordered these from the Coach outlet sale today:


    I think I would wear this gunmetal color more than mirrored silver. This would be my only pair of gray pumps. They look like they could be dressed up or down. They may even be a good substitute for black. Hope they are comfortable!

    They have an almond toe. I think I would prefer a more pointed toe, but these were on sale and I'm sure I would get a lot of use out of this shape. The almond toe might be better for casual use.
  9. I was on the brink about Silver too. I bought Jcrew cracked leather when they went on sale. They are like a neutral. I just wear mine when I think my outfit is plain. :smile:

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  10. agree with the poster who said silver is a great neutral! mine have a little texture to them too, so I wear them often when I think the rest of my outfit is pretty basic. Wear them to work, out, etc.
  11. Just saw wearing light blue faded skinny jeans, light blue soft men's wearish, longish but fitted, shirt out, pretty blue printed scarf and sliver wedge ankle strap sandals from j crew. It's warm where I am. Metallics are neutral in my book.