How often do you wear your CLs?

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How often do you wear your CLs?

  1. Daily/constantly, I'm never seen without them

  2. To every social event, I'm pretty well known by them

  3. About half the time, I roate with my other fab shoes

  4. Occasionally, I mostly wear other shoes

  5. Never

  6. Other

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  1. Out of curiosity...
  2. I'm a cross between the 2nd and 3rd answers. I always wear them for social events, so I'm known for that. But as for everyday, I alternate between CLs and other designers.
  3. I am still babying them and not wearing them enough. I hate to mess up the soles! Kinda like Oprah said, they are like art and you just want to put it on display on a shelf to be admired. I'll get steps. :p
  4. I'm the only one who wears them consistently? :amuse:
  5. i am between 1 and 2 only because i wear my CL yoyo 85s almost every sunday to church...and when summer rolls around, i live in my CL espadrilles. so i say on the average, at least one pr once a week.
  6. i wear them everytime i go out but i usually have to change into them cuz i wear flats when i'm driving
  7. i wear mine as often as i can. usually on weekends and social events.
  8. I love my CL's but i feel like theyre more of a collectors item. All of mine are still new except my black decolletes, even those i dont wear too much because they are feet killers.
  9. I'm a mix of "daily/constantly" and "rotating with my other fab shoes". Right now, I do wear my CLs a lot, pretty much daily unless I choose to wear flats and then that's when I rotate a few pairs of Chanel ballet flats. And, I am known for them. Even my 4 and 6 year old nieces know how to say "Louboutin". LOL

    But, spring/summer I rotate them a little bit more b/c I have several other designer shoes I love, mostly Chanel & Gucci.
  10. I wear CLs almost daily, except in bad weather like snow or rain. I think that the simple pumps are extremely comfortable so I wear them to work almost daily. The others I save for nights out and/or special occasions, although I have worn some of the edgier styles to work in the past. I'm so glad to see that no one has voted for never yet, that would be so sad - CLs are meant to be worn!
  11. I wear my CL's mainly evenings, about 3 to 4 times a week, most of the styles I own are to high of a heel for day time unless its my 100 pigalle's or python simples, thats about all for my day CL's, I love tapeet flats I wear them and chuck taylor converse for daytime... so dinners, concerts, shows, casino,or in my travels, you will catch me in CL's or YSL tribute styles :heart:
  12. I voted for wearing them to social events. They are my must wear for nights out. During the day I alternate with other brands.
  13. I voted for about half the time. I usually only wear them to work because I'm usually just casual on the weekends and don't wear heels. And I have other shoes I wear to work too, so about 50% of the time.
  14. I don't wear mine often enough at this time of year, because we have so much snow here, and I just cannot bring myself to wear them in snow. :sad:

    I've been putting them on lately and walking around the house, just to get my "fix."
  15. (FYI i am the 'other' since i don't own yet [yet!] but i wanted to see what everyone else voted)