How Often Do You Wear Your Chloe

  1. I love my new Chloe bag. I've been lusting for one for the past 3 yrs. and I still cant believe that Im in possession of one. It's like a dream. So far I've been wearing it everyday. Is that bad for the bag or are Chloe's pretty sturdy babes? My other bags are like :throwup: in comparison. I dont want to switch :crybaby:but I will to save my bag.
  2. Mine is white (blanc 07) so I only wear it when the outfit calls for it - so I can preserve her and not get her dirty!
  3. i rotate between mine. I don't take them to work (they would get trashed). But other than 'work hours', i use them every day. They are pretty sturdy! :yes:
  4. Richprincess, I just got the same bag but in Muscade/Nutmeg from NM. I LOVE it! I just know that you're loving the Mocha!
  5. I wear my paddy everyday! Its my favorite purse. Right now I've been using my blanc 06 since the spring, but I"ll be switching to my muscade or tan soon. She's been everywhere and hasn't gotten dirty at all. I think the more you use the paddy, the better the leather gets.
  6. I have actually been rotating my chloes all summer long! I just love them and there sturdiness!!!! Not to mention they're just plain gorgeous and i can't keep my hands or eyes off of them!!!!!
  7. Your bag is beautiful. I love that color :drool: At first I thought it was going to be huge, but it isnt that big at all. It's just right.
  8. I think that Chloes are pretty robust and could easily withstand a lot of regular use but haven't tested this out because my joint Chloe/Balenciaga passion causes me to rotate my bags quite a bit.
  9. i bought a 05 tan paddy recently and have used it everyday scince i got it!!!
    i cant get enough of it.
    before i got this i used my mousse most of the time!
  10. I got my Betty on 28th June and I've used her every day since! :heart:
  11. because my tan was pre loved i dont worry about it so much!
    my mousse still looks brand new and the aubergine that i sold was metalic and didnt take wear very well all! i fould that the metalic came off!!!!
    but if you have a more neutral colour you should be fine!
    1) keep an eye on the coners for wear!!!
    2)treat her with respect, dont put here in any dirty places
    3)and also keep an eye on the padlock as they can get some wear on them to, manly brass though, the silver padlocks are good for hidding wear!!!