How Often Do You Wash Your Jeans ?

  1. Do you wash your jeans after each wear ? or do you wear your jeans a couple of times before you wash them?
  2. I usually wear my jeans couple times, then wash them.
  3. I wear mine once than wash ,most of the time
  4. I usually wear mine a couple of times and then wash them.
  5. me too....a couple of times, then, wash!:noworry:
  6. I usually wear them a couple of times.
  7. A couple times.
  8. couple of times!
  9. a few times then wash....unless they are raw denim and I'm trying to break them in......that's a whole other story!
  10. i wear them a couple times before i wash them too!
  11. same here... i wear them a couple times before I wash them.
  12. Same as above!
  13. couple times
  14. twice then they go in the wash.
  15. I wear them at least 3 or 4 times then they go in the wash.
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