How OFTEN do you visit your store?

  1. I have to admit, on average I have been calling and visiting my store at least ONCE A WEEK since July to the SAME store!!! Sometimes, I go like 2 times and the max was like 3 times in a week!!

    I have somehow become NUMB when going there or buying LVs as I think I frequent it more times then supermarkets. I will be going there again this week to collect a bag. Last week I did not go 'coz I resisted but I have since last week called my SA TWICE. AARRGH!! Tell me that there are others like me out there! :yes:
  2. I have never visited an actual boutique:wtf:
  3. I've only visited a LV store maybe a handful of times in my lifetime. No LV near me. Closest is two states away and it was an awful experience there.
  4. I try to go at least once a month, but living in another state for college makes that almost impossible. I was thinking of stopping by this weekend...and last time I was there was 2 weeks ago.
  5. 3 times a week max
    min one a week
  6. I meet up with my clients alot in the CBD and never fail to go past the Castlereagh store without thinking whether I should pop in for a quick look. I used to frequent it, at least once a week, but I have tried really hard to rekindle that tinkling feeling I used to have prior to visiting the store.I'm getting there! :p
  7. I only go if there's something i have in mind to purchase, i would never just go in to browse, because i dont like the staff there!
  8. Unfortunately the nearest LV is in Chicago (about 2 hours on a good traffic day) I only make it to the boutique when I know I am buying something. I do tend to call about once every 2 weeks though.
  9. Every week. Sometimes, twice a week! How embarresing!
  10. once or twice a month on average. even though both boutiques are walking distance from where i live. i usually only go when my SA phones about new stuff arriving.
  11. I have been to the one closest to me (40 minutes or so) about 4-5 times in the past year and a half. I have also been to the one in NYC once. I am not a regular!
  12. Once a month, but only to buy. I browse online @
    To be honest, I would feel odd&pretentious, if I went there every week only to look at the same stuff. Plus I am sure the sales personnel would secretly curse me and/or laugh about me behind my back.
  13. Only to buy. I do my browsing, and for the most part my decision-making, at elux, and TPF.
  14. Unfortunately/luckily, the LV store is far far it´s only when I go back to France 1 time every 3-4 months (and it´s cheaper there too)
    But last time I was there I went to 3 different LV shops in 2 days !!
    You have this unique lovely feeling being there -like candy shop for kids- and that´s why it´s important for me it remains a special occasion and experience.
    -I browse on tPF-
  15. I use to go other day and every weekend since it was on my train route.