how often do you visit your local H store

  1. I started last month and only paid two visits so far. Maybe I should go there more often. Then ond day luck might strike me:graucho: ...and my birkin will fall from the sky:wlae:
  2. Twice a week. More if I have visitors from out of town.
  3. I am new to H, but I walked in the naples store last month (on vaca) & this past weekend, went to the H boutique in my area. I am already trying to figure out when I can get back there again. I want to try on a bolide (why didn't I do this last week?) & see what other Kellys they might have. I think it's addicting!
  4. once every 1-2 weeks...
    try to call in more often..but my store is too small..dont have much i can play with...
    can you believe i just got my red/white cherry twilly this week? they are very very slow getting things...
  5. I am glad that it takes three hours to get to the Houston Hermes otherwise I would be in so much trouble !!:p
  6. Once a week. Twice if I can.
    Then I try to do once a week at my other store too.
  7. About 25 times a year.
  8. About once a month, occasionally twice
  9. hmmmm, i've been in mine... 6 times in nearly 4 years, and i can list them: twice to buy perfume, once to drop off a purse for spa, once to pick it up, once to get a stitch fixed (they did it on the spot) and once to buy a scarf.:love:
  10. i think i've been to the store maybe 5-6 times total in about 2 months. but i'm not sure.
  11. Hardly ever since I'm not near one, but I'm on the phone with them about 3 times a week.
  12. A couple of times a month.
  13. Only when I travel, so I hit Hermes 2-3 times a year. But I have an SA relationship now so can call to ship!
  14. I'm also not able to visit in person often but do get on the phone very easily!! Try not to though lol!! I work with my local store (1.5 hrs. away) and by phone at the NM in MI....I love having 2 outlets! And the SA's are so nice...
  15. Too often! It's on the way from work to home. I really have to make myself not to make pit stops..