How Often Do You Visit Pf?

  1. i was just wondering..because i am at this website the WHOLE day...bad influence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roflmfao::graucho::love:
  2. every single day..the first thing I do in the morning is logging in..and it's on all day..
  3. same...and since i've joined i've had elux and other japanese websites in diff tabs the whole day lol
  4. PF is just like MySpace... I just wake up and log on... :P
  5. I never log off. I am constantly here. Just go to bed around midnight and up again sometimes at 5-6, and back on!!! Oh, throw a couple classes and kids in there too!
  6. Every waking moment. It's the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night. I'm surprised I get so much shopping done with all the time I spend here.
  7. [​IMG]

  8. ^^OH MY GOD!!!! That was my much needed laugh for the day!! Thanks, Vlad!!!!
  9. hahah you are hilarious :smile:

    yeah, i spent way too much time on this forum too... whenever i am not actually doing work on the computer, i am checking out the forum...
  10. All the time ! Man it hurts my wallet !
  11. Ditto!!:yahoo:
  12. all day long on and off
  13. a few times from work and then on and off through the evenings..
  14. First thing in the morning, usually last thing at night and periodically thoughout the day. I never log off.
  15. Now that I had to promise not to buy any bags I think I may have to force myself to once or twice a day..